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How to Save Money in Booklet Printing

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 20   |   Comments: 0

Not everyone has a big budget for booklet printing. Printing prices may vary at times depending on the booklet printer, but one thing is for certain, it will cost serious money. High quality booklets, especially color booklets require investments in graphic design, paper materials and of course cutting and folding. If you are new to booklet printing and are still unsure where to get the best savings for printing booklets then you are in luck. We have a few tips for you here, so that you can minimize your cost when you print booklets. Read on and maybe you will learn a thing or two.

Your text should be straight to the point.
The best way to save money on booklet printing is to manage your content well. Focus your attention especially on the written text. Can these long paragraphs be shortened? Is the writer of the booklet using too many flowery words to describe what he is saying? Sometimes the booklets content may be too long than what is necessary. You can save money by writing booklet content that is concise and direct to the point. The shorter your paragraphs are, the lesser pages that have to be printed. Minimizes the pages that has to be printed, and you minimize the whole printing cost. It is that simple. So always review the whole content of the booklet and determine if there are paragraphs are sections that you could do without. You'll be surprised; maybe you can cut on several pages of printing because of this.

In relation to this, you should also review the images and the overall layout. Try to keep them as tight as possible to keep the pages of the booklet to the least amount that is necessary. Again you'll save pages, and money that way.

Do the design and layout yourself
The next way to save money on color booklets is by doing the graphic design or layout yourself. Hiring a graphic artist can cost you a bit. Most charge more for better designs. If you have the talent, then you can save yourself some bucks and hire yourself for free. Of course you should really know what you are doing when designing your booklets. Image editing software or publishing applications are easy enough to learn if you are willing to do so. The added advantage to this kind of strategy is you get to have total control of the design process. Just be sure to let other people critic your work so that you'll have the opportunity to edit any mistakes that you may have not noticed.

Different qualities
Some people also find that they can save money by printing parts of the booklet using different paper and color qualities. The common technique is to have the front and back pages (or the cover pages) printed in high quality paper with full color images and text. The inside pages are then printed with medium to lower quality paper, with the images and text that use bare colors, or they might even be printed in simple black and white. This saving technique still gives you an impressive booklet cover with all its marketing capabilities while still minimizing the cost of printing the inside pages.

Choose the right printer with best value
The last way to save money in booklet printing is to search for a booklet printing service that gives you the best value for printing. This involves searching extensively in the yellow pages and of course over the Internet as well. Look for booklet printers that offer the best quality booklet printing with the least price. Chances are, if you look hard enough, you can reach a balance of price and quality with one printing company. Remember to exhaust every possible printing company that you can search for so that you can maximize your options.

Those are great ideas right? Follow these tips we gave you and you may cut your booklet printing costs by almost half.  Booklet printing shouldn't be expensive as long as you can do something about it. Good Luck!

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