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How To Really Make Money With Affiliate Programs

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

I, as most of people who were trying to start make money with affiliate programs, was very skeptical about it. Till that day really came to me and I have started make money with affiliate programs.

After some time while being interested in affiliate marketing I thought that those called Gurus who were selling tongs of ebooks on how to start making money online with affiliate programs, they just wanted to sell more of those ebooks, and nothing else.

But after a while I have decided to give it a try and see for myself is it really possible to make money with affiliate programs. Seems like nothing can be more simple: choose the right affiliate program, run pay per click campaign and watch your money coming into your pocket.

But it takes time to find out what tactics and strategies really work in affiliate marketing. So as I didn't want to waste my time on doing that I got a special e-course from one of online marketing millionaires.

I knew that all that testing and researching work had been already done for me, so why would I spend my time doing same things if I could easily learn about it and put it to use€¦

After one month since I have started running my PPC campaigns I made a conclusion: out of every 100 visitors approximately 1 buys. What a simple formula! Let me explain you this one in more details.

For example if you run a campaign and you pay $0.05 per click, and you get for each sale of your affiliate product $15, after you run 100 visitors you get $10 in profit. And what if you could run 1000 visitors a day? That would be $100 in profit every single day which means $3,000 in month.

Simple and great formula!

But keep in mind start running profitable campaigns take some time especially if you want to find out what tactics and strategies really work by yourself, but I would strongly recommend not doing that cause as I said before all that work had been already done for people like you and me by other successful affiliate marketers.

As one article is not enough to teach you all the tips and secrets on how to start making money with affiliate programs, I can give you only some of the advises  which I found very useful after learning  that special e-course. Here they are:

1. Choose your affiliate programs wisely. Try stick to those that pays from $15 and up to $65. Why not higher? Is that what you want to ask me? Cause for example if you will participate in a affiliate programs that pays $100 in commission  the competition will be too high and you will have to pay a lot for your PPC campaigns.

2. Know how to track your campaigns. If you are paying $0.05 per click and you get no sales even after 200 visitors, choose another product to promote.

3. You are in what you believe. If you believe you can start making hundreds of southands  of dollars with affiliate marketing you will.

As you can see now it is really possible to make money with affiliate programs, especially if you have the right knowledge's which you can find in  that special e-course. There are many things you must know how to avoid in affiliate marketing not to lose your money, time and effort.

Thanks for your time and happy marketing.

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