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How to Promote an ECommerce Site With Article Marketing

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0
You have started an ecommerce site and you look all set to become the next Internet tycoon. Unfortunately, there is just a trickle of traffic and you can't seem to make a lot of money out of your pet project. Those visitors are probably your family and friends, trying to show some support.

What you need is traffic. Now there are many ways you can promote your website and get traffic. But promoting an eCommerce site is a little different.

One major source of traffic that you should aim for is search engine traffic. However, sometimes you won't be able to get a new site to rank because the search engines take time to learn about new sites. It may take months before your website starts to rank well in the search results. Meanwhile, what do you do?

A workaround to this problem is to promote your site through article marketing. Article marketing is a great way to drive instant traffic to your eCommerce site. In fact, the traffic is so targeted that once your articles have been approved, you may start receiving sales.

On the Internet, you don't just want any type of traffic. You want laser targeted traffic, or visitors who are so interested in what you have to sell that they are more likely to buy.

For instance, if your online shop sells website templates, then you may wish to target webmasters, developers, Internet marketers and so on. You certainly don't need traffic from a gardening website.

Article marketing allows you to drive targeted traffic by writing on relevant subjects. If you are selling website templates, you can write about web designing, content management systems (CMS), web development, or even web hosting. You know that these readers have a need for what you have to sell. So you're likely to make a sale if they visit your website.

The way to use article marketing to promote an eCommerce site is to link to specific products directly. Each article you write allows you to add at least 2 links to the author resource box. It's up to you where you want the links to point to.

Be as specific as possible. For example, if your article is about graphic design, you can link to your graphic software category. When the visitor reads your tutorial on how to create certain special graphics, they may become interested in owning a piece of the software. So they click through, find the software, and make a purchase.

In other words, your internal pages become your landing pages. You can try to increase conversions by offering a special promotional coupon. Visitors can enter this coupon and get a special discount. Don't try to drive your visitors to your homepage and have them search high and low for the product. That will just chase them away. You worked hard at the articles and you want to get maximum results.

So just link them to the relevant product page and watch your sales reve

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