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How To Persuade Someone To See That You Are Right

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 18   |   Comments: 0

You are having an argument with someone and you know that you are right beyond a shadow of a doubt, but you are not having success at getting through to them with your facts that you are presenting to them. The argument is getting heated and you are starting to get real angry. This could end very badly for the both of you.

So how can you change that situation and make it a more positive experience where the other person sees your side of things with clarity and admits you are right when you know you are right?

Follow this basic step by step procedure to show them the truth in a persuasive manner.

Don't Get Nasty

The first step is to stay calm and focused on the point. Don't get mean and start telling them that they are dumb, ignorant, or impossible to talk to. This will only make them upset and cause them to listen to even less of what you are telling them. And in order for them to realize that what you are saying is true they have to listen to you and willingly process the information which means they can't be worked up or angry.

Let Them Speak Their Mind

Your impulse may be to cut them off while they are talking so that you can prove every point they are saying as wrong, but this is only damaging your case and not helping it.

When you don't let them speak you are essentially telling them that everything they are saying is stupid and not worth your time. Do you really expect someone to rationally listen to you when you have made them feel that way?

It's better to listen to their side of things and acknowledge why they think they way they do. Maybe they have heard it from a source that wasn't very reliable or maybe it's just something they have always believed to be true. If you acknowledge the reasons behind their beliefs then you are validating them and their reasons for believing the way they do, and they will be more receptive to hear your reasons.

Present Your Case to Them With Strong Facts Behind It

Now you can start to tell them your viewpoint. Be sure to say your words in a non-condescending manner. You don't want them to start to retreat from you because you are making them feel bad. Instead talk to them like real people who have not heard or seen the facts that you have.

Say things like "The reason I believed this to be true was..." instead of "This is why I'm right!" as it is a softer tone that will not offend them. Do not use harsh words that express the ego talking. Think of words that would offend you if they were being said to you and avoid them!

And make sure you give concrete evidence as to why you know it to be true. Don't just say "I know bacon comes from pigs because I heard it was!" but instead say "I was watching a documentary about bacon, and I saw where it comes from..." as this will persuade them quicker to your side.

Present your case in a logical manner starting with the smallest evidence to the largest, and make sure it is said a way that common sense can't deny. This will ensure they can accept the smallest point without feeling bad and move on to the bigger points easier.

And if you have proof throw it in at the end. This will allow them to process everything you have said and then easily take in the ultimate nail that solidifies your viewpoint with grace and understanding.

Once they have heard your side of things and see the common sense and proof to back it up, they should already have been persuaded to see things your way.

Next time you won't have to work as hard to make your case with them as they will respect you for respecting them and know that you come with backup provided.

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