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How to Make Money With Free Classifieds?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 32   |   Comments: 0

Affiliate marketing is without a doubt one of the most recognized ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing allows individuals to create several streams of income from the comfort of their own home. Yes it is true that affiliate marketing can be a wonderful alternative to your typical 9 to 5, but one must know how to make money as an affiliate to feel the true benefits of being an affiliate. Let me tell you, there are several different techniques when it comes to making money online with affiliate marketing. This article will take a look at one very effective but often overlooked method for finding success with affiliate marketing.

Many people focus on such strategies as pay per click advertising, blogs and article marketing to generate sells. There is one strategy that can be just as effective as any other technique, and is free to do. What I'm talking about here is free classifieds. Free classified sites are sites that allows marketers to post up classifieds that promote their goods or services. Using these sites to generate sales as an affiliate are easy to do. One of the great benefits of using Free classifieds is that you are getting targeted traffic because when you post on classified sites people that view your ads are people that are searching for something that is similar to what you are offering.

Even though using free classifieds are easy to use, there are some tips and tricks that you can do to maximize your earning potential. Here are some things that you should make sure that you should do to make your ads get results.

1. Only post ads on high traffic sites. This is important because there are tons of free classified sites out there, which many are pure garbage. You want to make sure that your ads are on sites that people visit on a regular basis. I would recommend doing a google search for "free classified sites" and do a little research from there. To save you a little time, here are 2 of the most visited classified sites are Craigslist.org and Backpage.com. I would start here.

2. Make sure your ad titles are catchy. Think outside the box a little. Really ask yourself "would I click on this ad". If you can honestly say yes to this question, you probably have a good title.

3. Keep your ad short, sweet and mysterious. What I mean is, do not try to sell in your ad. You want to make the viewer of the ad to want to go to your website or affiliate page. So when you are writing your ad, write it like a really good teaser.

4. Post as often as you can as many places as you can. Some sites like Craigslist only allows you to post so many ads at a time. This I why I recommend signing up with at least 5 to 10 free classified sites. Once signed up with them, post as many as you can on each site. You will see some nice results by doing this.

Affiliate marketing could be a strategy to earn Facebook profits. If you aim to use Facebook to make money online, use the site strategically without the need to annoy anyone in your friends list.

Facebook, as a phenomenal social networking site, is offering every affiliate marketer numerous avenues for earning income. There are more than 250 million users of the Website to date. If you could tap that resource, you surely could enjoy better conversion rates. Affiliate marketing is one effective way to generate Facebook profits. Now, you could use Facebook to make money and at the same time enjoy interacting and connecting with your friends and new acquaintances. Money-making has never been this enjoyable.

In affiliate marketing, you would be selling and promoting various businesses (not your own) to your friends and acquaintances. Income is generated through the number of links you direct to the main Website of the product or services you promote. You could definitely use Facebook to make money out of this scheme. Generate more Facebook profits via affiliate marketing through these three ways.

First, significantly increase your own personal network of Facebook friends. It would be best if you have thousands of unique friends in your list. That means you are instantly connected to such people. You could join groups or put up your own to be able to further expand your online connection to more people. However, when intending to use Facebook to make money through affiliate marketing, remember not to pester your friends by constantly promoting products or services directly. Several times of doing so could be tolerable but doing it in an everyday basis is another story. It could be annoying. To generate Facebook profits, you could use your friends list in better ways instead.

Second, create groups or fan pages where you could strategically feature or post your affiliate programs. This way, you would avoid pestering and annoying your friends. Do not worry because fan pages in Facebook could be put up simply. Use strategic keywords as headliners or titles of such pages to attract more attention. You could promote your fan pages in Facebook using outside sites. Write interesting articles, post them anywhere online, and create links back to your fan page. This way, your traffic could be bolstered, which in turn could be translated to bigger Facebook profits.

Lastly, put social ads in the network to promote your affiliate programs. If you use Facebook to make money this way, you could inevitably spend a few dollars. However, the results could be overwhelming because ads are posted strategically where they could certainly reach specific targets. Your ads would not be posted at general Facebook pages. You could customize your ad posting to only include users in specific age, location, gender, status, or interest. This way, you could generate Facebook profits without annoying anyone.

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