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How To Make Money With CPA Offers Pt 5 - Navigating The Offers

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0

Choosing your CPA Offer

If you want to see Part 4 of this series, you will have to visit my website.  Part 4 is a listing of over 30 different CPA Networks that I can recommend.

Now, there are many different types of CPA offers that you can promote.  For example, there are offers that require the individual to complete a long form application. Your  payouts will be higher for longer forms, so the offer must be enticing.  Your  lead may have to supply personal information like their address, credit card  info and other details that usually have to verified.

There are pay per lead offers, where the customer just has to submit their email  address and or zip code and you get paid.  Usually these are trial offers and products, where, after you get people to sign up, gives you a payout.

The Most Common Types Of CPA Offers

The Short Form.  These usually contain 3-4 fields that must be filled out.
The Long Forms.  Obviously, this will be more than just 4+ fields for an individual to  fill out.
A Multiple Pager.  Usually a minimum of 2 pages of required information.
The Sales Based Offer.  Where the person has to look at different items available  and actually make a purchase or two.

The short form, which generally just requires a name and email/zip code submit, are the easiest  conversions.  These usually pay $1 - $2 each.  Now that may not sound like much  money, but whatever you do promote as a CPA affiliate, you need to send traffic to the offer.
Let's say you send 1,000 people to your offer.  Now all they have to do is submit their email and zip, pretty easy.   If you get a 15% conversion rate, that's an  easy $150 - $300.
If you promote the long form, the multi -page, or sales based CPA offers, your  traffic has to be extremely well targeted in order for you to make conversions  and make a profit.  But do not be discouraged, many people are doing it, and  making big bucks.

Be Aware Of The Restrictions

Sometimes there are very specific conditions attached as to how you can promote  CPA offers.  Each CPA offer carries different restriction, so be sure to  understand what you can and cannot do to get sign ups.  Because if you give the  CPA network any reason to, they will disallow all of those completed sign ups,  and you will be left with nothing, and possibly banned.

Are you allowed to incentive your traffic?  This is when you offer an  individual a bonus if they fill out, or complete the offer.
Other offers may specifically say that  you are not allowed to do any email marketing.  You may not be  allowed to do any PPC - Pay Per Click  for certain keywords, or, use certain words or phrases, such as 'free', in your offer.

Your Affiliate Manager

I would suggest that it is probably a good idea to talk with your affiliate  manager before starting your CPA campaign. Since they have been at this for  awhile, they will probably have some tips and suggestions to help you to succeed.  Remember, it is their interest that you do well.  The more info they have about what you are doing, the  more insights they will be able to offer you.

But, if you do have a method you do not want everyone to know about, be sure to keep some facts to yourself.  In other words, you want them to do most of the talking.
Bottom line:  if you do have any doubts about any methods you intend to use, talk to them.

As  you develop a relationship with them, just make sure that you don't bother them  unnecessarily.  They are working with many other affiliates at the same time.

Don't Strike Out!

I really can't stress this enough, always make sure that you read,understand and  are following the Terms Of Service. Each CPA Network may vary there TOS a little.  So don't assume anything.
Do not give them any reasons not pay you your commissions.
Now, they always seem to do a little shaving themselves, and that is just part  of the CPA game, so be very careful if you accuse them of it.

There is big money to be made with CPA offers, go get yours!

Be Fearless
Billy Ojai

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