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How to Make Money Online With Only Your Domain Name?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 33   |   Comments: 0

Make money online as an affiliates does not have to be so much difficult if you know what you are doing. Of course, it can not be done in one night start from scratch to earn a huge money. But it is not as difficult as you were thought. Affiliate marketing is really a right way for everyone who are new to the make money online business. It can be as simple as make a cup of coffee in the morning. It is too good to be true, that is may be the first thing comes up in your mind when I said this affiliate marketing simplicity.

The secret is that you can make money online as an affiliates without even need to spend a lot of money and spend your valuable time to create a website. I know that many people are scared when it comes to creating a website particularly they scared when they hear HTML word. As an affiliate marketer, the only focus you must not leave is about how to market the product. Say you are working as an affiliates with ClickBank. Once you decided what products to promote, then you can create an affiliate link accordingly. Affiliate link or also commonly called as hoplink is your tracking link which will track everyone who visit the merchant landing page through your referral link.

How to generate traffic to your affiliate link? There are many ways to do it, one of the best and with no cost is to put it in the article and submit the article to the article directory. The only place where they allow you to put your link is known as resource box. However, they will not allow you to put barely your affiliate link in the resource box. The good news is you can do it in another smart way. You can put link of your domain name, you need to do a little bi more work to arrive to what you want. You can go to the control panel of your domain name provider. Use forward domain feature to forward your domain to your generated affiliate link. Once it is done, you can start to drive traffic to your affiliate link using that forwarded domain name. In this case, instead of reduce the conversion click rate by driving the reader to your landing page and then to your affiliate link, you can significantly increase conversion click rate by doing this.

Is affiliate marketing dead? Some folks in the online world would say it is because of the way Google has begun to go after the "bad people" within the industry by slapping them and their campaigns but this to me is a really good thing and a strong indicator of a bright future because...

It clears the way for those who are trying to make an honest living on the internet with affiliate marketing programs. So do I personally think affiliate marketing is dead? Nope. Far from it, in fact I think affiliate marketing will thrive in the coming years and I am going to give you 7 very good reasons why I think affiliate marketing is not dead but very much alive and kicking.

#1 - The World Economy. My number one reason is the present state of the world economy. The economy has taken a huge dump not just in the United States but all over the world. And whenever people become unemployed at the same time as the job market shrinks and people need to earn honest money they begin to look at alternative sources of income.

#2 - The Need for Money. When money is tight people begin looking to take on an extra part-time job but when jobs are scarce what do they do? Smart people turn to the much better alternative of launching their own income stream from home.

#3 - The Home Business Boom. Even before the economy took it's major dump the home business boom was experiencing a huge surge in demand and is rapidly becoming even more popular. Smart people realize they can learn to earn more income from their own home business than they ever will working for a weekly check.

#4 - Start Up Can Be Free. If those people, who launch a new home business do so by using affiliate marketing programs it usually will cost nothing to start as long as they already have a computer and internet connection.

#5 - Ongoing Marketing Can Be Free. If they learn free marketing techniques, driving targeted traffic to their free affiliate marketing sites will also be free.

#6 - Tax Breaks Pay for Any Small Start-up Investment. If there is a small recurring monthly investment for something useful like quality affiliate marketing training that will be offset by the tax saving the new home business owner can reap on his or her taxes. They can write off the training investment along with their monthly ISP bill and depreciate any equipment such as their computer. Of course a person should check with their CPA or other qualified home business tax advisor but what I say is most likely true for any resident of the U.S. reading this article.

#7 - It's the Perfect Solution For Work at Home Moms. Any mom who is looking to earn extra money yet be able to stay at home with her children can help but see the advantages of starting an affiliate business. Most affiliate programs are free, free to promote (if you know how) and can be very lucrative. It's the perfect solution for moms, on a tight budget, who want to start their own income generating Internet business and work at home.

As you can probably now understand affiliate marketing offers those who want to make money on the internet an outstanding opportunity to do just that, do it for free and reap tax benefits for services they already have but can not write off without some form of legitimate home business.

Is affiliate marketing dead? I hardly think so - it's not even close to dying. In fact, it is my humble opinion that you and I will have many, many years of sweet success and prosperity.

There are a number of benefits for your company when operating an affiliate program, including increased sales, driving traffic to your site, generating qualified leads, as well as extending the reach of your brand.

So, there are numerous reasons to have an affiliate program. Ultimately, since you're working in pay for performance, you're going to have lower costs for your acquisitions.

That said, affiliate marketing is not for everybody. There are some questions you should ask yourself to determine whether affiliate marketing makes sense for you and your business.

Is your product or service currently selling well for you? If your site recently launched, I'd encourage you to get it off the ground and work out the kinks before considering an affiliate program.

Also, look at your margins and determine if you're going to be able to offer compensation that is competitive with other affiliate programs in your vertical. Some companies try to launch an affiliate program with a bare bones offer and then wonder why it never got off the ground.

Additionally, decide if you're willing to invest in proper staffing. Either an in-house affiliate manager or outsourced to an agency. But don't try to run an affiliate program on auto-pilot. It just doesn't work.

Back to benefits of the affiliate program. It offers an efficient, scalable marketing network. You can build it out as you wish, whether it be a dozen affiliates or hundreds. But don't obsess over the number of affiliates in your affiliate program.

Instead, concentrate on optimizing the performance of the affiliates already in your affiliate program.

An affiliate program also enables you to collect some measurable and predictable data on individual affiliates or the affiliate program as a whole. This will aid you in forecasting the future performance of the affiliate program.

Affiliate programs are somewhat risk free. Some people will try to sell the model as entirely risk free, but of course, there are some fixed costs involved. While affiliate marketing is more fiscally effective than a lot of other methods, it's not without risk.

Having an affiliate program will also turn the focus of management more to the long term - establishing and maintaining relationships, rather than a quick fix like a media buy.

Finally, treat your affiliates as business partners, not rented mules, as some affiliate programs have done.

Keys to a beneficial affiliate program are activating, educating, and rewarding your affiliates.

Focus on making your affiliates and your business successful.

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