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How To Make Money Online Easy

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 29   |   Comments: 0

That is a good question, how to make money online,probably one of the most asked questions on the internet.

Unfortunately there are millions of other people asking the same question,all trying to do the same thing,we all want that big pay-day or that great idea that will get us a fantastic income with a little work and then we can sit back and enjoy life right?

When the internet was first around it was easy to make money online by just adding a website filling it full of adverts and people would visit click on the adverts and you would have a great pay day.But over the yearssearchengines have got smarter and they do not want spam or sites that promote just affiliates,they want good quality content that visitors will enjoy.So now it is harder to make money on the internet.

What we do is do it properly,we do not try to cheat by using copied content or adding thousands of links to adverts we take our time do the research,find the right keyword and then write good original content,this is the key to making money online and  success.

First of all you will need to find a good niche and do  your keyword research,there are tools on-line that you can use for few to find the right keywords,Google's  key word tool is free and will do the job.When looking for a good niche a good tip is to look at the ad-words adverts in the right column of the search results, if there are many adverts this is a good sign that people are paying for advertising so the product should  make them money,or they would not pay for advertising.

Next look at your competition if the first page of search results are all high-ranking authority sites then you are not going to compete or get on the first page so then you need to look at a similar keyword to rank for that has less competition,examples of this are as follows:

If you have chosen the keyword ways to make money online and the first page of search results are all authority sites then you can use different keywords like how to make money online,make money online easy or make money online from home, there are many variations of any keyword that you can choose as long as it has little competition and people are searching for it you can use it.

After you have checked your niche for competition and found your keywords, go and buy a domain that has your chosen keyword in it,and then make a website that will make money online,then all you need is create quality content written around your chosen keywords.This is easier than it sounds,look at what other people are writing about and then after you have found enough information put it all in your own words into an article using keywords in your niche and related keywords to the subject you are writing about.Please note that when writing a quality article try to make it at least 500 words long the more the better in search engines eyes.

Add Affiliates To Monetize Your Site

Once you have written all you need to do now  is to add affiliates and other types of adverts to your webpage,there are thousands of great affiliate sites that you can join to make money fast some of the top ones are Ad-sense, Click Bank,Commission Junction,Amazon,there are too many to list,but a search will give you all the relevant information that you need and how to apply.

Honestly to make money online is easy as long as you apply the above you will be earning good money in no time at all.

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