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How to Make Money Online at Home for a Work at Home Mom, Dad, Kids, Teens, Cash to Buy a Car, House, Rent, Mortgage, Loan: Give Away Free Websites

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

I want to share with you a simple and the easier method that you can make passive income even after school. Even teens are doing this after normal school hours.

I present you the giving way free websites to make money online business. I was broke and out just like you are right now and looking for these internet businesses. I had gone into debts of more than $8000. My wife was threatening to leave me and I was running behind on my mortgage payments. I stood to loose my entire life if I didn't do something about it.

I knew most of the so-called online money making opportunities were fake and never worked. Others would work but the amount of time I would have to put in would be enough to build a rail road from Boston to Washington dc. I was carefully looking for something that can set me up for life. This was something that I could make passive and rolling income online and retire early. I knew MLM opportunities are made to have some rolling income structure but neither did I want to build the railroad.

I joined a forum of who-is-who in online business. I learned from the masters. Fact: €œOnline marketing is about knowing what strategy works, duplicate it and work it to a sweat, the rest is easy to imagine. Problem is none will tell you this information for free. You have to do your homework.

If that is the case then, I could simply copy and paste what these millionaires in this forum do and get my money online. With these guys, I knew it was hard to go wrong. So I read post after post, I observed, I took notes and learnt a great deal. One thing I noticed is that several of these guys were marketing a free website give away opportunity. That was my cue.

I joined exactly the same opportunity that was popular with these six figure blowing internet millionaires. I followed the same techniques they use to market it to clients and guess what? Just like from nowhere€¦bang. Money started flowing into my pay pal account like a broken faucet in a park.

This set me on a rampage and I worked like mad. The more I worked, the more I earned. I made $4000 within the second week of starting. As I write this article I can already smell a six-digit income this year just from giving away websites online for free.

What I did exactly was to combine two strategies for this business. The company gives you a fully optimized and professional website. They even send you emails with a sales letter to forward to your clients. I forwarded as many of these emails out and the replies were astounding.

Everybody wanted a free website. I then wrote several articles in rapid succession. All the articles talked about how one can start an online business with a fully customized tailor made website for free. Tell me one person that won't take that.

Why I say this opportunity is easy is because almost everyone wants to make money online. To do that they need a website and they don't come cheap to have them designed for you. So try give websites for free online and you have yourself a stampede.

In short, the company will pay you $300 for every website you give away a year. Give out about 1000 websites in your first year and you can see what I'm talking about.

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