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How to Make Fennel and Eucalyptus Soap

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 56   |   Comments: 0

If you are looking for a natural fennel and eucalyptus body soap here are some ideas which you will find very useful. These two ingredients make some of the best homemade soaps which can be used in different skin types. These two ingredients are known to have healing properties which helps to tighten the surface of the skin, reducing the effects of aging. If you are able to prepare eucalyptus soap, you will get a smooth calming scent which is truly excellent for use in night time bathing purpose.To prepare this eucalyptus soap, you will need some basic ingredients such as glycerin soap bar, a sharp knife, measuring knife, a big saucepan, fennel oil, eucalyptus essential oil, essential oil, vegetable oil, glass stirrer and a soap mold. If you wish to add the fragrance of some other oils, you can include these too also in the soap which shall give you enough fragrance to be used for bathing or other hygienic purpose.This eucalyptus soap will require you to use a sharp knife to cut the glycerin bar into small pounds and then place these chunks in a measuring cup which is made of heat proof material. It is important to use a sharp knife or else you will not be able to cut even surfaces. Now, you can fill a saucepan with warm water but remember to fill this saucepan only half way. If you are not sure about the quantity which you should use for the preparation of this soap, you can take help of any good measuring cup. Measuring cup ensures that you have a balanced mixture essential for making the eucalyptus soap.Now, you can take a large saucepan and then fill it halfway with lukewarm water. You can place the measuring cup in a very large saucepan and then let it get heat for at least 10 minutes. Just after ten minutes, you can slowly remove the saucepan from heat and pour in eucalyptus essential and fennel oil. Just stir the mixture slowly so that you are able to get an even mixture out of it, which shall help in the preparation of the soap. Once the mixture boils well, you can easily place it in a soap mold. Let this mold set for at least 3 hours which is enough for the soap to get set in the mold. If you are fond of any specific mold shape you can get it done. Let this soap rest on the mold for at least 3 hours which is enough to harden its surface and give it a desired shape. Once the soap hardens in the mold you can slowly push the soap out of the mold and use it as you wish. This useful eucalyptus soap can be stored at room temperature or in a cool dry place. This soap can be used for a large number of beauty purposes so that you are able to get a beautiful skin with a glowing look.

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