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How to Make an Iframe for Affiliate Marketing

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 19   |   Comments: 0

Iframes are used in affiliate marketing to hold the vendor's information on your web page, to make a landing page and to drop the visitor's cookie to help ensure you get paid for your sale. Iframes are used by all types of marketers from writers to pay per click specialists. Here's how to make an iframe for your webpage....

What is an Iframe?

Iframe means inline frame. An iframe is a means of putting information from one web page in one or more other web pages.

Cautions When Using an Iframe

If you're getting the content from outside of your website make sure it's not misconstrued as being your own information. This can be done using the title tag.

You can have as many iframes loading as you like especially if you use tables (a topic we will not discuss in this article) to control the positioning BUT, each frame requires a different page to load. Therefore loading more than two pages could increase load time by so much your visitor decides to go visit your competitor one click away instead.

What is The Difference Between a Frame and Iframe?

A frame consists of at least two web pages.

The Parent Page holds the framed or source page and completely replaces any information on the parent or holding page.

An iframe may be so small it's not even seen. It doesn't replace information on the parent page it adds to the information, although you can have an iframe the full size of your parent page, thus taking over the information of that page, though the option to add information to the parent page itself on top, side or on the bottom of the iframe remains an option. The only way to add more information to a framed page is to add another frame to the parent page (if that sounds confusing don't worry about it forget I wrote it).

Why Would I Need an Iframe so Small I Can't See It?

I've been in sales a long time. Sales techniques carry over well to other media such as the internet, but I've seen some BAD sales pages from vendors with GOOD products. If the affiliate program management company allows the affiliates to do so, you can write your own review or sales copy for the vendor's product placing a small iframe of your affiliate link to the product. This helps to ensure you get paid for your work (earn your commission) even if someone visits the vendor's web page later and buys. By placing the small iframe on your sales web page the cookie dropped onto the visitor's page marking you as the affiliate responsible for the sale. Don't worry this cookie or other tracking methods does no harm to the visitor's computer. If it did the affiliate management company would go out of business. Last time I checked most businesses wanted to remain, well, in business.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a system in which you may sign up to sell other people's products. The advantage of this being you don't have to develop each product you sell yourself.

If the product fits well with your website. NOTICE what I just wrote - If the product fits well with your website and ONLY if the product fits well with your website, should you represent said product. Imagine a grocery store selling automobile tires? Pick items that fit your niche.

Why Don't I Just Make an Iframe of My Affiliate Link If The Sales Page Looks Good?

You can do this. It will get you initial sales, but, without being able to contact those who purchased your affiliate product, your helping the vendor more than you are yourself. Your better off making what's referred to as a squeeze page which is a special type of landing page .

A squeeze page is a sales web page designed to get visitors to opt in to your email list and buy your product. For a good squeeze page think of a funnel. Every link leads to information on making a sale both now and in the future.

Okay, I Can See Where Iframes Have Use. How Do I Make an Iframe for My Web Page?

For the purposes of this article, we will use ( instead of <. If we do not this web page might think I'm trying to make an iframe. You may place your iframe code basically anywhere you wish on your web page. If you're using a WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get) it's even easier to place your iframe. If the WYSIWYG editor doesn't allow you to do this, you can use a little trick I made up.

Wherever you want your iframe, in your WYSIWYG editor type linkhere, then go into the code section of your editor and replace linkhere with your iframe code. A search such as Crtl f should allow you to find it easily.

(IFRAME name="title for your frame" src="YourWebPageWithNoSpaces" width=200 height=200 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=auto)(/IFRAME)

Let's Break The Iframe Code Down


Announces the beginning of your iframe code.

name="title for your frame"

This may come in handy later on if you wish to fill the iframe with external information. Don't worry about it for now just use the title section and name it something connected with the content.


This is the web page address of your iframe. If you've been on the internet for more than a day you've already noticed internet web page addresses are not space friendly.

width=200 height=200

This controls the width and height of your iframe. You can also use percentages. Pixels are the default measurement. One little trick is to use a table and make your values 100% thus filling up the column of the table.

marginwidth=0 marginheight=0

Sets the space between the iframe and other objects on your web page.


Determines the thickness of the boarder around your iframe.


Will set a scroll bar if the content exceeds the size of the iframe. I sometimes select yes to be certain all content can be seen by my visitors. No is the other obvious option. (/IFRAME)

Simply donates the end of the iframe code.


Iframes have a place in your repertoire of tools for html web page building. Like any other tool it has the potential to be under used or over used.

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