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How to Maintain Outdoor Shoes

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 83   |   Comments: 0

Proper maintenance, especially regular cleaning and maintenance, it can keep the shoes features comfort and resist water, thus extending the life of shoes. Leather such natural materials, it has its good features, but it will also aging. Therefore, you need to regularly clean and maintain your shoes.

The following tips are specifically for climbing shoes and hiking boots. In principle, it is also suitable for other footwear:

New shoes should maintain the leather using protective sprays before wearing the first time, that can strengthen or restore its function of allocating water.

Before spraying, you should remove the laces to ensure that all concealed parts and gaps (in particular tongue hidden near the site) can be sprayed.

Wearing shoes after use, release the laces, insoles out, to ensure adequate drying shoes, even a few days of travel, and do not lose sight of shoes during the maintenance.

Particularly dirty shoes, brush and a small amount of warm water, wash away the mud and dirt, clean shoes recommended special lotion. After cleaning, please give full protective spray coating (cleaning the pores open to leather protective spray to make the pores closed).

Do not put the shoe on dry near a heat source, such as heaters, ovens, car dashboard or rear luggage rack and trunk, wet leather is very easy to "burn in" (to become fragile, easy to crack and collapse ), which often cause irreparable tear folded position.

Please shoes just finished cleaning or when wet spray coating protection, and need to be fully dried for 24 hours. Meanwhile, regularly care and cleaning to prevent moisture and dirt stuck in the leather, it is very important because moisture or stain the leather left will lose its breathability.

You should maintain your shoes regularly with specialized repair and maintenance products. The shoe leather on the smear maintenance milk (including shoes wax components), rapid heating with a hair dryer to make it penetrate latex leather pores, so that restoration of soft leather. Please be sure to note when using the hair dryer distance and time (at least 30cm or more, up to 3 seconds)

Shoe wax composition containing milk will make the maintenance of cattle hides and turn it slightly darker fur surface, lightly brushed with a good quality brush can partially restore their appearance; the light dough and wax, are more likely to retain the original appearance, and pollution of water and refuse more refuse. Do not use oil or oil emulsion of cleaning and maintenance. Although the fatty substances can leather soft, but the shoes will lose its hardness, and will plug the pores of leather and lose their permeability.

The textile material on the upper part of shoes, it also require regular maintenance to do protection, you can more effectively remove stains and moisture, but please use the textile-specific protective spray.

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