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How to Launch Products With Articles and Press Releases

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 19   |   Comments: 0
When launching new products, the difficulty has always been to build momentum. Without momentum, it is very hard to launch a product successfully. The product may be an e-book, a physical product, a new website, or even a new service; it doesn't really matter. If you don't have enough momentum, the product launch will die down with a sizzle. Here are two suggestions on how you can build momentum to increase the chances of having a successful product launch.

Using article marketing.

The gist of using article marketing is to have your articles published in as many article directories as possible. Some article directories have been established for a very long time, and they have a loyal readership. When choosing article directories, try to high quality directories. Usually, these are sites that have some kind of quality control for the articles that they publish.

Always give yourself as much time as possible if you are considering using article marketing. Articles take time to write and distribute. Search engines take time to pick up the articles. So give yourself at least 4 to 5 weeks of time.

Since your goal is to build momentum, prepare a series of articles that you can publish at regular intervals. For example, publish one on each week. As the product launch draws closer, publish 2 to 3 articles on a daily basis. Readers who may be interested in your product launch would already have learned about your upcoming launch from previous articles. They are more likely to visit your site and buy something from you.

Using press releases.

The other effective method you can use to build momentum is to issue press releases. Press releases will be accepted by major news wire sites such as Google News, InBoxRobot, etc. When that happens, your products and services get immediate exposure.

Feel free to promote yourself, your Company, and your products and services in the press release. For articles, you are sometimes not allowed to promote yourself blatantly. But for press releases, you are free to say anything you like about your upcoming product launch.

Be sure to observe the rules of press release writing. Use the release title to draw attention to your subject. Try to think of as many interesting headlines as you can and choose the one that draws the most attention. The goal is to attract eyeballs to your press release.

The release summary is a short paragraph of about two to three sentences. The summary should sum up the content of the release. Many web visitors simply scan headlines and summary. If they missed what you are trying to say in the PR, they may just move on to the next headline. When you communicate your messages clearly, you have a better chance of getting their attention.

When you use article marketing and press releases to market your website, you will observe a very interesting result. Information about your product launch will be posted all over the Internet in a very short amount of time. News wire, article directories, well established premium sites, content aggregators, and other channels. They all hear about this new and exciting product that you are about to launch.

The best part is, your articles and releases remain on the Internet indefinitely. They now reside in the databases of the sites, just waiting for the next visitor to come and visit. That means you will be getting long term traffic indefinitely.

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