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How To Identify The Beliefs That Are Blocking Your Success

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

Our hidden beliefs are the ones that can have the most effect on our lives. We're not even aware that we've absorbed them from the people and events around us, but they can be the main cause of our lack of success. This article will help you recognise them.

The easiest way to recognise your beliefs is to look at your life. Start by answering these questions about success, honestly and truthfully:

Do I believe that hard work is rewarded by success?
Do I feel resentful when someone gets more money or success than they deserve?
Do I believe I deserve to be successful?
Do I believe that people who are successful must have "used" other people to get there?
Do I believe I can be successful AND happy?

Now look at how much success you have in your life. Isn't it exactly what you'd expect for someone with your beliefs?

The truth is that whatever we believe - IS. Our lives are a totally accurate reflection of the beliefs we hold. If you believe that you have to work hard to be successful, that you have to use other people to get there and that you can't be successful and happy - guess what? You won't try anything that seems too "easy", you'll resent anyone who seems to be doing better than you, instead of learning from them and you'll feel guilty and sabotage yourself if you do see any success.

Maybe it's not success that eludes you, but love. How would you answer these questions?

Do you believe there is only one soulmate out there for you and you have to wait for them to show up?
Do you believe that love hurts?
Do you believe it's easy to find love?
Do you believe that most people cheat on their partner at some point?
Do you believe you deserve to be loved?

Now €¦ how closely does the state of your love-life match the beliefs you hold?

You may say "I believe the way I do because life has shown me it's true" but then how do you explain those people who have exciting, fulfilling, passionate relationships which bring them happiness and intimacy? Surely if even ONE couple can have a relationship like that, then so can anyone else?

Your life is not only a reflection of your beliefs, your beliefs CREATE the life you have. In fact, it's impossible to live a life that's in conflict with your beliefs for very long; sooner or later the tension will become too great and you'll start to sabotage yourself to keep your life and beliefs in sync.

You can tell from the way your life is unfolding whether your beliefs are serving you or not. Look closely to see which ones are empowering you and which ones don't serve you. Choosing to release the limiting ones will cause your life to change direction overnight.

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