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How to Heal a Person Using Reiki

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 33   |   Comments: 0

To understand how to heal a person using Reiki, it is important to be first well grounded in the basic principles of Reiki.

Reiki is itself a traditional form of healing, with roots in Japan and which was originally developed by Mikao Usui, out of what Mikao described as a mystical revelation. The system was further developed by its early practitioners (who had learnt directly from Mikao) most notably Chujiro Hayashi, who in turn taught Hawayo Takata, who is credited with spreading and popularizing Reiki outside of the United States, as well as giving importance to the more commercial aspects of Reiki, like payment for trainings and healings.

The first step towards healing a person with Reiki is learning the art itself. This should not be particularly hard, as attaining the first degree of Reiki training (which comes with four energy attunements) can be enough for conferring adequate basic healing. Reiki can only be learnt from a person who has attained the third degree of Reiki training, also sometimes referred to as a Reiki master.

The specific mechanics of healing a person with Reiki will depend on among other factors the condition the person is suffering from (called an 'injury' in Reiki parlance), as well as the school of thought in Reiki that the practitioner performing the healing belongs to. Generally, the tools employed in healing a person using Reiki are hand placements (for a 'patient' who is nearby) and symbols for a person who is far away - as Reiki healing can be done remotely.

Where hand placement is employed, you may decide to use whole body treatment or localized treatment. In whole body training, the hand is moved all through the body (aiming for holistic 'whole person't healing), whereas in localized treatment, the hand placement is focused on the specific 'trouble' area of the body. The hand might be placed directly on the 'patient's' body, or it might be placed some distance away. Direct contact might enhance healing, but it should be noted that 'patients' can not only be healed by indirect contact but also even at a distance - where the symbols are employed, though the Reiki practitioner would need at least second degree training to heal a person at a distance.

A Reiki healing session starts with a short period of meditation by the practitioner, followed by the hand placement - which is the main mechanism for Reiki healing.

Energy attunement is at the core of Reiki healing, and by placing the hand directly on the suffering part of the body or near it, the energy imbalances causing the problem are sorted, leading to a restoration of health. And it is the fact that Reiki healing is all about natural energy attunement which obviates the need to use complex equipment. Where whole body healing is employed, the practitioner might be able to tell the parts of body suffering through meditative intuition, also obviating the need for the unnecessary dialog during the treatment, which is supposed to be carried out in a meditative state.

It is also important to note that a single healing might not be enough to effect Reiki healing. Indeed, for most conditions, a series of treatment sessions is considered essential, with routine treatments being encouraged for health maintenance reasons.

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