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How To Harness the Benefits of Fish oil Supplements

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 37   |   Comments: 0

Let us agree on it- When it is a serious health claim, majority of the media hypes have fallen short of proving their advertisements strong i.e. living up to the expectation. With Anti-aging Product manufacturers producing pharmaceutical grade of fish oil supplement, this is not the case. According to many health researchers, use of Omega 3 fatty acids in their product deserves all the praise and got into people's favorite list.

Why do physicians Recommend Omega 3 fish oils?

Mega 3 fatty acids are the most essential nutrients missing in our modern day diets as Nutritionists and health researchers think so. The beef, chicken or lambs you buy from the groceries are farm based and their grain-fed meat have poor source of omega 3 fats. Animals living on natural diet grass can only have natural richness of Omega 3s which is disappearing with the incorporation of artificial grains in their food. This is a crucial concern

The evidentiary reports about Omega 3 Fish oil is so overwhelming that even conventional medical practitioners may recommend increasing the use of omega 3 fish oil supplement. Studies have shown that for many rampant diseases like heart diseases, cancers, brain disorders, Omega 3 fish oil components are good to begin with.

Health benefits of Fish oil:

A gamut of advantages like lowering cholesterol level to promote healthy skin and body joints, providing powerful cardio-vascular protection, supporting memory function and reducing inflammation of the body. The biological benefits also include nervous system development, reproductive and immune system improvement etc.

How to evaluate Fish oil supplements?

Fatty fish enriched with omega 3's harbors many dangerous pollutants like PCB's, mercury, lead because of industrial pollutions. So if you need to gain all the benefits without consuming the harmful toxins relying on molecularly distilled fish oil supplement is a good decision in end. After Molecular distillation is done to eradicate bad contaminants, the oil can be encapsulated into fish oil softgels for easy swallowing.


If you have made your mind to include fish oil nutrients in your daily food regimen then you need to know how to compare the different brands against each other. You may come across certain cheap products during the search. Either they are not molecularly distilled ,procured from fishes having less omega 3's or have become rancid because of quick oxidation. Consuming oxidized fish oils may harm your health.

These considerations will give you the best value for your health and save you some money as well.

Before you choose the fish oil capsules brand here are certain criteria to focus on:

1. What types of fish are being used? Are they naturally rich in DHA or EPA Omega 3?

2. Are the fishes used have gone through proper purification or molecular distillation stages?

3. Check the freshness and rancidity concern of the oil. Are the fish species from sustainable natural resources regulated by government? The fish source must be from cold, deep water having no pollution or industry connection

4. Does the product unit are labeling total Omega 3 contents or showing you the breakups between EPA Omega 3 and DHA Omega 3? Is anywhere the total Omega 3 servings have been mentioned?

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