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How to Greatly Increase Your Chances Of Getting Accepted Into Adsense

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Digging through posts here and on other forums I noticed a lot of people asking and talking about not getting accepted by adsense or wondering the best way to not get denied.

I decided to put this quick guide together to attempt to help those people out
This is the method I used to get accepted on my first attempt and I feel that with this most people should be able to be accepted on their first try 

I also threw together a sample site for anyone to look at and get a visual of what I am talking about, it includes resources to help speed up the process of Getting Accepted at gettingaccepted.blogspot.com

Also this is the start of a new project I am working on, this is basically a trial run and rough draft of one part out of many I am working on. Please give feedback so I can improve, also if there is anything I left out that you feel needs to be added please say so, I'm not interested in everyone's own personal method, but if you would like to add to anything I covered please do.

And for those of you who would like help getting into adsense here it is

How to Greatly Increase Your Chances Of Getting Accepted Into Adsense

So you want to get a Google Adsense account and try your luck at micro niche sites making money all based on getting your site ranked in major search engines so that people will go to your site an hopefully click on one of the links you have served on your site through Google.

That was one long sentence, but I felt I needed to break grammar rules in order to somewhat simulate the amount of work that is necessary to make money withAdsense. Now that is not all you have to do, of course you need to spend most of your time getting your site to the first page, but that would require more then a run on sentence, and this is not what this is about; nope, read this and you should have a much much better chance of getting accepted on your first try or even after a denial.

First off I want to put this out there, this is not a guarantee, there could be some underlying factors that would make it so you just will not get accepted, you can help these, or may not even know why, and If you were to find out why, lying to make these factors not apply could bite you in the a$$ later on if they ever find out.
Second, what I mentioned above bring me to another point, DO NOT LIE. Use 100% accurate and correct information, using a fake name, or false address or whatever else you may choose could get you in trouble or cause you to get banned after months of hard work and good earnings, you do not want to mess with this, they want to pay you money, no reason to lie. That being said there are those who lie and cheat and get away with it and live quite nicely, it can happen, I just don't recommend it.

Let's begin;

Step 1. If you do not have a gmail account then create one, they like their own stuff, in fact google is a very vain monster and loves staring at themselves in a mirror. 
If for some strange reason you do not want to use Gmail then that is fine, you don't HAVE too, its just nice. But, for the love of all that is holy, do not use hotmail, or yahoo, or any other free email service.
I would stick to these types only, @google.com, or ISP email, like @comcast.net, these have a less likely chance of shouting the word spammer, or scam.
If you have access to an @.com that wouldn't be bad either. Whatever you do just make sure the email is professional. Something like [email protected] is much much better then [email protected], do see what I am getting at? If you wouldn't want to give your email out to someone at a job interview then you don't want to give it to them.

Step 1.5. Hey, that gives me a great idea, treat this like a job interview, in a way it is anyways so lets look at it like you are applying to work for Google in their advertisement department. Hmm, when I word it like that it kinda sounds like exactly what it is, odd...

Step 2. Now that you have made a new email or picked out your already existing good professional sounding email address you need to start the application process. But wait! They want a website, and I imagine you probably do not have one already, or you do have one and they denied your application.

So your goal with the website is to have content, decent content, and a couple of pages. That doesn't sound so bad now does it.
Well if you already plan on buying hosting and a domain then go ahead and do that, and install Wordpress and then apply the same technique I am about to go over now, and if your using Wordpress just make sure you change the theme and do some other things you need to make it look good, other then that do what I say and you will have a good chance to get accepted.

Alright, I am going to assume you made a Gmail account, so now you need to make a blogger account with that Gmail account AND make a Google analytics account with that Gmail account. See the pattern here; blogger uses Google accounts, and as a bonus they integrated Adsense into blogger, possibly to make things easier, or maybe they want you to use blogger and Adsense together, who knows! But I will tell you what I do know, and that you do not need to spend money to make money withAdsense, amazing really.

Ok back on track, you have 3 accounts all with Google under the same name; Gmail, analytics, and blogger. Good, now you need to make a site.

Step 3. Go ahead and log into blogger and start a blog, what do you want to make it about? It honestly doesn't matter, if you have things like micro niche finder or market samurai, use these to actually find a good keyword to base your little site around, for the sake of this small guide I am not going to dive deep into any of that, this is only to help you get accepted with Adsense, after that you can either scrap the site or SEO and make some money off it.
With that in mind we are going to use the topic Healthy Aging; now I wouldn't use this exact same topic since anyone who reads might use this topic and that couldn't be a good idea, so do what you want, this will apply to all topics.
Ok, so name your blog something nice, that explains the main keyword, for example I would name mine Healthy Aging. Next enter a blog address, in a perfect world healthyaging.blogspot.com would not be used already but it is, and I don't care since this is all hypothetical, keep trying for your name you will fin one eventually. Try adding online, review, tips, tricks, help, bonus, store, Etc... to the end of the domain, if your gonna through the site away it doesn't matter at all just get it named something relevant to your title.
Next, you need to start adding content, there are a couple ways you can do this, and each one has its pros and cons, as well as cautions. 

You can go to an article directory, ezinearticles.com being the best, and search for your keyword, you then could copy and paste it directly to the site. This isn't always the best especially if you want to use the site and make money from it later, you might run into problems with search engine rankings, or you might not, sometimes you can luck out.
You can do the above but instead of pasting it directly to the site, spin the article using the greatest spinner ever to be invented...your brain! (Yea by the way if you can type then it is better to spin articles yourself.) This is the best idea since now you have fresh content and the site could get ranked.
Either buy some PLR articles or get some free ones (freeplrarticlesstore.com will help you out with free PLR articles, 40,000+ to be exact) either rewrite them which is a good idea or just copy and paste them to the site.

Now this is important, and do not less this discourage you, making money on the internet is all about patience and here is a good time to practice. On the first day you make the blog do not post more then 5 articles, the next day do not post more then 3, try to spread them out at least a few hours apart. Over the next 7 to 10 days, place 2 or 3 articles to the site, spreading them out throughout the day. The goal here is to make it seem like a legitimate site, and not make it look like a site that was thrown together in 20 mins just to apply to Adsense, the goal is to get accepted.

Also, on the day you first set up the site make 3 pages, call these pages Contact, About Us, and Privacy Policy. In the Adsense TOS it requires you to have those pages on every site. In the About Us page write about a paragraph or so about what the site is about, and what could possibly make you an expert in the field, it is OK to exaggerate a little bit here and don't be afraid to add some filler. In the contact us page you need to provide a way for visitors to contact you, I would supply an email address or if you are good with html then make a form submit that will auto send you what they write as an email. As for the privacy policy, well thats a little more difficult but you basically need to explain that their privacy is safe and that google analytics is used and yada yada yada.

Oh guess what! I went and made this even easier for you, I made a sample site on blogger that you can go check out and get an idea what to do, keep in mind the only content is this exact guide you are reading, but as a bonus you are more then free to copy and paste my other 3 pages, check it out at gettingaccepted.blogspot.com and really, copy and paste the privacy policy and contact page, it will really make it easier.

Alright the final step is too add Google analytics to the site, which is really easy, go to design then add a gadget, click HTML and copy and paste the code there and click save...done!

Step 4. After you have been adding content every day and after about 5 to 7 days go ahead and apply for Google Adsense using the SAME Gmail account or account you used for all the others. If they ask for traffic go ahead and exaggerate a little bit, but don't go overboard, that's not going to matter.

Well that is it. You now just wait a couple of days and they will check you out and decide, remember like I said before this isn't a definite, there could be something else out there they know or see that they do not like an will deny you anyways, but if you follows these instructions you will probably have a greater chance of approval. I am sure there are other ways to get accepted, everyone seems to have a method, nothing is sure fire, don't ever forget that, just be honest, and don't spam.

Thanks for reading and good luck in your Adsense ventures.

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