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How to get women to chase you and other flirtingtips

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

This week, I want to talk about how

to let a woman know what she has to do in order

to seduce you and other flirting tips.

All women have a deep psychological need to feel

like they are seductive. Because of this woman want

to work at seducing you, you just have to let them know

what to do.

My buddy Captain Jack knows a lot of flirting tips and he  first brought this up to me with

the idea of masculine-feminine statements. He used the

example of saying " I like Backrubs." If you say that to

a dude, it's kinda weird and he's probably not going to

be sure how to respond. He may even joke about how

you're not going to get a backrub from him.

However if you say " I like back rubs." to a woman who

is attracted to you and you used other flirting tips, more than likely, she's going to respond

by talking about how she gives great back rubs.

This is because she already is emotionally engaged

( attracted) and you are giving her flirting tips and a road map of what

she needs to do in order to get you.

This is like channeling all of those emotions that you

have already stirred in her body towards a common goal.

A great way to start to do this, is by using " I like girls who"

statements. An " I like girls who" statement is where you

take a quality or act you like in a woman and you bring up

how and why you like this.

For example;

"I like girls who are really independent. Like if a girl

totally takes charge of a situation or buys a guy a drink.

I think that's really hot"

Now, if I say this to a girl  who is already into me

at a bar 9 times out of 10 at some point that night,

she's going to offer to buy me a drink. At which

point I want to reward her for investing more in

the interaction and then pull back to make her

continue to chase and use other flirting tips.

Tune in next Monday when I'll wrap up this

four part series by talking about rewarding

pulling back and other flirting tips.

One of the most powerful  flirting tips are

psychological triggers for

compliance is scarcity. This

is where take-aways come

into play. Once you have a

woman emotional ( High

"Buying Temperature") and

she has an idea as to how she

can seduce you or win you over,

it's time to do a take-away. That

means you're going to either

physically leave the interaction,

take-away your approval,

attention and validation.

Take-Aways are misunderstood,

it doesn't mean that you run out

of things to say and walk away.

It also doesn't mean that you

leave arbitrarily because you

think you need a take-away.

Take-Aways are one of many

ways to amplify attraction.

Imagine it from the woman's point

of view, she's met someone who is

cool and interesting and who has

gotten her emotionally responsive

and now at the height of the good

emotions he's leaving or neglecting

her. It would probably be pretty

hard to pay attention to anything

else until he came back, wouldn't it?

The best way to do a take-away is

to say you have to go find your friends,

and then walk away.  Now if you're a

little more advanced, you may want

to throw in the element of jealousy

by talking to a group of girls within

the original girl's eyesight. This is a good flirting tips

what's called a jealousy plotline,

and is one of the keys to same night lays.

The last flirting tips I want to give you is that

take-aways even when being used

with jealousy plotlines, should never

last longer than 15 minutes.

Remember the point is to give

the woman the incentive necessary

to chase you sexually. As noted in

the book Why Women have sex after

love and competition( which is trigger

by jealousy plotlines as well) Jealousy

is the third most prevelant reason

women engage in sex.

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