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How to Get Rid of Your Acne in 3 Days - The One Thing they Dont Want You to Know

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

You have listened to the entire hullabaloo and tried all the acne treatments you could come across. You bought all the acne treatments, tried all the home remedies and spent a fortune on cosmetics but your root problem-acne-still remains. You have been left confused and you wonder whether there are any acne treatments that actually work. There is no more need to be confused as you can now understand why all those treatments did not work since there is one secret that has been kept away from you that has prevented your recovery. Once you discover what this secret is, you will be able to avoid ineffective treatments and get something that will clear off your acne.

That one secret is that most cosmetic and acne treatments have been made to fight off bacteria that are usually associated with acne. The problem with this is that the bacterium that is associated with acne is usually not the root cause of the acne. This then means that the treatment you will use will only deal with the bacteria but will not stop you from getting acne.

There have been some tried and tested methods which have been used to try and treat acne, but which basically deal with the bacteria associated with acne. One of those methods is the use of antibiotics. Most doctors prescribe antibiotics which are to be taken orally as this is supposed to help deal with the acne from inside the body. However, antibiotics do not work simply largely because they will treat the bacteria which cause the pimples on the face, but they will not deal with the actual cause of the acne. Moreover, antibiotics usually cause other side effects on the body.

Benzoyl peroxide is the other method that is frequently used to deal with acne. This is because it is usually quite good in dealing with the bacteria that causes pimples on the face when one has acne. Most people who use Benzoyl peroxide are usually successful since their face clears up after using it for a while. However, the problem is that the pimples usually re-appear after a short period of time and you have to deal with them all over again. The main reason for this is that the peroxide only clears away the bacteria that causes the pimples but does not deal with the root cause of the acne, therefore remission occurs.

Light therapy is also the other method used to treat acne. This is because it is believed that light can be used to effectively combat the bacteria that cause pimples. But like Benzoyl Peroxide, this method only deals with the pimples and not the root cause of the bacteria. This means that these methods are only successful for so long before acne resurfaces.

Looking at all these methods, it means that you have to find a method that just does not deal with the bacteria which causes pimples but deals with the root cause of the acne directly.

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