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How to Get Rid of Gallstones Fast?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 19   |   Comments: 0

How to Get Rid of Gallstones Fast?

As a gallstones patient, you will be suffering from severe back pain as well as pain over your upper abdomen. Due to persisting vomiting sensation you may not be able to eat well. You must get rid of the gallstones at the earliest not only to get relief from the crippling pain but, also to avoid more severe problems.

How to get rid of gallstones fast? Remember, surgery is not the answer. Surgical removal of the gall bladder will lead to very severe consequences which may even be fatal. You can get rid of the gallstones through home remedies which are purely natural methods of treatment.

When bile stored in the gall bladder solidifies due to excess of cholesterol content or bilirubin content gallstones are formed. Gallstones block the bile duct which is the path for bile to flow. When free flowing of bile is disrupted, inflammation and severe pain will occur.

Bile is secreted by liver for digestion of fats and is stored in gall bladder which will pump the bile out whenever required. Gallstones formed due to excess of bilirubin are called pigment gallstones and those formed due to excess of cholesterol are called cholesterol gallstones. All types of gallstones in both men and women can be flushed by following home remedy method of treatment.

Women will get gallstones more easily because pregnancy, obesity and excess of estrogens cause formation of gall bladder stones. The other reasons are frequent constipation, diabetes, old age, fasting, low-fiber high-fat diet and excess of cholesterol.

The common symptoms of gallstones are -

Severe back pain

Severe pain over upper part of abdomen



Yellow skin & yellow eyes

Clay colored stools and dark colored urine

By way of following a healthy life style and healthy diet, formation of gallstones can be prevented to a great extent.

ü Do physical exercises regularly

ü Drink plenty of water

ü Drink coffee and take calcium phosphate

ü Stick on to healthy food containing vegetables, fruits, nuts and less carbohydrate

ü Avoid junk foods

There are various methods of Home Remedies for removal of gallstones which will help to get rid of gallstones fast.

Consume two tablespoons of olive oil, plain yoghurt and cottage cheese twice everyday

Daily drink 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of apple juice

Drink 125 ml each of dandelion juice and water cress juice twice daily

Eat apples and citrus fruits daily and drink their juices also

Opt for Home Remedy method of treatment so as to get rid of your gallstones fast and be relieved of the crippling pain permanently. As it is natural treatment, these are 100% safe methods with no chance of any side effects.

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