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How To Get Rid Of Acne By This Weekend

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

Acne is commonly defined as a skin disorder that results from the action of hormones on the sebaceous glands of the skin. It is common among adolescents and young adults, but adults of older age and infants are sometimes affected as well. Acne has been around for centuries, and over the years many people claim to have dealt with this disease by using certain acne cures. But, are acne cures really possible?

As you may know, the market is now littered with "acne cures", and anywhere you look, whether you walk into a particular store in your neighborhood or surf the internet, acne cures are there. However, if you will ask any of the dermatologist or medical researchers, they will possibly say that acne cures do not really exist. While some acne medicines like accutane provide long term relief for some acne patients, arguments still persist that acne cures are not yet in existance.

Although a number of experts have claimed that real acne cures are not yet in the market, some people have found certain methods and medicines and hailed them as "acne cures". One of these is the over-the-counter products such as the non-prescription acne cleansers, astringents, pimple creams, and moisturizers. Some of these products that are deemed "acne cures" are now available at local drug stores and chemists. To some degree, they help unplug the whiteheads and blackheads, while others encourage the skin to peel off.

Aside from such samples of deemed "acne cures", there are also some topical antibiotics, known as "prescription only" products. Several acne patients and experts have claimed that these acne cures help fight acne by means of killing the bacteria that infect the pores. Nevertheless, there are some instances that acne may become resistant to these forms of acne cures, making them useless. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is the fact they have a number of unfavorable side effects, such as dryness, redness, and irritation.

Oral antibiotics which are considered acne cures are also there, but one of the unfavorable things about them is the fact that these acne cures can affect the entire body, causing serious side effects. The known side effects of oral antibiotics are nausea and dizziness.

Some vitamin A derivatives are greatly deemed by many as another great form of acne cure that they can prevent skin cells from clumping together and they promote shedding of the skin. However, just like the above mentioned acne cures, these too have a number of side effects, such as dryness, redness, and irritation. There are even some cases where these "acne cures" are thought to be the cause of some psychological disorders and birth defects.

Whatever your view of acne cures is, one thing that is important to note is the fact that prevention is still the strongest key. As the common saying goes, "prevention is better than cure".

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