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How to Get More Out of Life

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Do you know that by being aware of, and by directing your thoughts you can accomplish more in months that you did in the past few years?

Are you not where you want to be in your life? You want joy and success, yet you can't seem to get any closer to having that wonderful life, even after years of trying?

Let me ask you, have you heard these two statements before: €˜It's all in the mind' or €˜Stop thinking you are sick and you'll feel better.' Ponder over these statements for a minute. Do you think there is any truth in them? There definitely is. That's the power of thought in action. Stop thinking you're sick and sure enough you will feel and become better.

The thoughts that you hold in your mind are stopping you from living a blissful life. Your moment-by-moment thoughts shape your life, your destiny.

Everything and anything in your world and mine transpires as a result of the power of our thoughts. When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone it was first a thought. Colonel Sanders first thought of the idea of his chicken recipe. Walt Disney first had the thought of a massive fairground. They all started as thoughts. Action followed. But they all began as a thought.

Look at the simple day-to-day events. You think about getting out of bed. You think about what to have for lunch, what clothes to wear, to remember to take your umbrella. Every step of your life is followed by a thought. Everything you do is directed by your thoughts.

Your core thoughts that you have held over the years form your life. These €˜inner' thoughts create your present and future €˜outer' world. In other words, your thoughts affect your circumstances.

Since your thoughts affect your life and what you think about materialises, it goes to say that it is crucial that you mind your thoughts; that you keep a watchful eye on your moment-by-moment thoughts.

If someone constantly talks about their lack of money, or that they cannot afford to buy this or that, for example, then their principal thoughts are, €˜I don't have enough money in my life.' And since lacking money is their primary thought and focus, they will continue to lack money. The same goes for lacking self-confidence. If they walk around saying €˜I can't do this or that', then they will stay where they are in their life; unable to move ahead because they have no self-confidence. That's the way the brain works. What you focus on happens.

Things do not improve until you change your thoughts. You need to change your thinking patterns.

Your financial situation will change when you take full control of your life by setting new empowering money thoughts. You will take action by having the thoughts that fuel you to take action. Similarly, you will have joy in your life when you adopt the joyous thought patterns.

You create your circumstances with your thoughts. Your thoughts are creating something every moment of every day. And the scary thing that you must grasp is that most events, outcomes and circumstances are created unconsciously; without any awareness or conscious effort on your part.

How did that come about? If you went through life repeating statements like, €˜I'll never be rich' €˜I don't deserve this' €˜Life sucks' €˜Life is just one pain after the next' €˜I can't do this,' you have created thoughts that you will never have any money, that you will stay unhappy in your life and stay stuck where you are now.

When you question yourself later in life why you feel unconfident in certain situations, or why your financial area has not improved, you will have forgotten that you programmed yourself not to feel confident or to have any money years ago.

Then no matter what you do at a conscious level, irrespective of how much you want to be rich, live a joyful life, or be a success, your principal, unconscious thoughts command the opposite, which is your reality.

The core thoughts you hold bring about circumstances in your life that are in complete opposition to what it is you want in your life.

Rather than being unaware of the power of thoughts, you can choose to have the thoughts than will change all that, so you may truly live the life you want. And you do so by reprogramming your thoughts.

Instead of lacking money to do what you want or have, instead of not having the motivation to get ahead in life, you can replace these damaging thoughts with powerful thoughts that can give you all that you want in life and more in a short period of time.

Always keep in mind your unconscious thought patterns order every aspect of your life. Take control of your unconscious, core, habitual thoughts now. You deserve to live a happy and successful life.

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