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How to Get Cheap and Reliable Web Hosting Services

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 32   |   Comments: 0
Getting an unreliable web hosting service can be a nightmare for your online business. When your server goes down, customers can't make purchases from your site, and to make things worse, they can't even send you emails. So they are forced to revisit your site every now and then to see if it comes online again. Chances are, after a few tries, most people give up and never visit the site again. If you start to lose your online visitors, your online sales will plummet as well.

Fortunately, it's not hard to located an affordable and reliable web hosting services these days. Hardware and software improvements, decreasing infrastructure costs, all lead to highly stable server performance. There are several types of servers that you can usually choose from. And in the early days, may people prefer an operating system (like Linux or Windows) over others. However, as technology continues to evolve, the gaps between the different server types start to narrow. Today, regardless of the type of server you choose, you can expect stable services with a plethora of features. For sure, there must be something that suit your needs.

With prices at an all time low, you can place you needs in front of everything else. Do you need higher bandwidth or more disk space? Do you need to host many websites, or just one website? Knowing your needs will help you select the most suitable web hosting plan.

There are many different hosting plans to choose from. The smallest plan usually starts from hosting a single website, with about one gigabyte disk space. The higher end hosting plans are usually reseller plans, which allow you to host unlimited websites. If you have sophisticated applications that need dedicated power, you may consider renting a virtual private system (VPS) server or a dedicated server. Dedicated server may be managed or unmanaged.

With such a wide range of choice, it's sometimes easy to get confused. If you are new to web hosting, try getting the smallest plan to get a good feel of the reliability of the web hosting company. Also, you may want to assess their support services. Send them support tickets to see if your emails are responded in a timely manner. The industry standard for web hosting companies is usually 24-48 hours. Having said that, sometimes when there is a major problem like hardware failure, the support department takes a little longer to respond. Ultimately, it's good communications that counts. Top notch hosting companies even go as far as contacting customers when there are planned downtimes for maintenance, or they will post the announcements on their website or blog. The important thing is that you know your web hosting company is going out of their way to take good care of their customers. These are the type of hosting companies that you can grow to rely on.

Finally, for better pricing, look towards Asia countries like India for cheap and reliable hosting services. India has a large pool of IT engineers who service this industry, and the labor costs in India are much lower than other countries. As a result, they can afford to offer hosting services at low prices, while still maintaining top quality services.
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