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How To Get Back Missing Channels On Dish Tv

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

After a hard day at office you have just got a chance to relax and let your hair down. Now you are going to watch your favorite shows on Dish TV. However, as you switch on your TV set and search for the desired channels you are not being able to get the channels. No matter how you are searching, it is yielding no results. Your favorite channel just vanished into thin air without a trace and you are left with nothing but a lot of frustration. In such case you have nothing but a little option to yell at your TV and curse the pay TV provider for poor quality service. But that is not going to help you in your problem.

After a hard day that has made you quite weary and tired, facing the issue of missing your favorite channel is surely not a very welcome one. And to resolve that issue you have to call the tech people in or have to look for tech assistance from the pay TV provider itself. All these can be very time consuming and at same time you may end up spending some money to hire a technician for this purpose.

On the other hand however, you can try some simple tricks to fix the problem. Often some simple tricks can go a long way to resolve TV related issues and can give you the best possible result in quick time. Thus you may save your time and money and at the save time have a fair idea about satellite TV fixes.

To find our missing channels on your satellite TV you may follow a number of simple steps before you actually go to the satellite TV service provider with your issue. The steps to regain the missing channels are as follows:

Channel Guide View

You need to observe whether the Electronic Program Guide is displaying all the channels. When the channel guide is in normal mode it should be displaying all channels that you have got. You need to press the guide button which is placed on the remote control time and again. Doing this you will be able to switch between different guide views on your remote control.

Subscribed to Channels

You need to also check whether you have subscribed to the channels you wish to see or not. If you have not subscribed to a particular channel it will appear in red on your TV guide. You can then subscribe to these channels by contacting your satellite TV provider.

Reset your Receiver:

You can power off the receiver and unplug it from the electrical outlet and then leave it that way for 15 seconds. Then you need to plug in your receiver and switch it on. Then you need to check whether you have got the missing channels or not.

However, if everything fails you can contact your service provider for assistance. They have high quality trained agents who have a long and varied experience in the related field. They can help you out in extreme cases.

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