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How To Find Profitable Niche Markets For An Affiliate Marketing Campaign

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 37   |   Comments: 0

Finding good niche markets or "sweet spots" to promote products online is what every internet marketer is looking for these days. There is no shortage or useful products and and people who use search engines to find them on a dialy basis. If you want start an niche marketing campaign you too can definetly use the strategy prescribed in this article.

Choosing your niche product main keyword
Deciding on the best keyword or phrase that describes your product is the best place to start when you decide to build a marketing campaign. This method will work if you are to sell and promote an affiliate product or even your own product. The goal is to come up with words or phrases that people will use to search for your product on the web. Once you have this word or number of keywords you can use a handy tool provided by Google called the Google Adwords keyword tool that will show you how many people are using Google to search not only your main keywords but all the other words that fit into your main niche category and how much traffic the keyword is receiving.

As you look at this list of keywords it is best to view them from most searched to least searched by clicking on global search volume heading found at the top of the listings.

Here is where you can pick and choose the exact phrases you will use to promote your niche product. The key is to be able to eventually see your product web page in Google at the top spot for any keyword that you choose off of this list. When you accomplish this most of the traffic for any Google search with that keyword will be going to you. The more keywords you rank #1 for the more traffic you can add to your total, the more people will be seeing your product, and the more sales you can potentially make.

To reach the #1 spot for your keyword a link to your website will have to be found by the search engines more frequently on the internet than your competitors for that keyword. Not only will it have to be found more times but you must code your link with anchor text with your main keywords as that text. This is how you make your webpage link relevant to the keyword that people will use to search for information related to the product you wish to promote. This is the same keyword that you chose earlier using Google Adwords tool. Here are the steps you can follow to choose a niche market of searchers:

1. Type the keyword you wish to use into Google
2. Click the link of the webpage with currently holds to top spot
3. Use an online link popularity tool to find out how many links it has pointing to it from the search engines
4. Decide if the amount of traffic verses the amount of time it will take you to obtain your top competitor's number of links is worth the effort.

For example, you use your main keyword with the Google Adwords tool and see another related keyword on the list that gets 2,000 visitors a month. When you type the word into Google and enter the webpage that's in the number one position into the link popularity tool you discover that this webpage isn't being promoted that well and only has 50 links.

You decide that you can write articles and submit them to article directories with a link to your webpage and your keyword as your anchor text, and within a week you can you can get your page noticed by the search engines. You can also submit your website to free directories and obtain the same result in acquiring links.

Another tip is that you will receive a decent amount of traffic as long as your keyword gets enough monthly searches and if it is on the front page. You don't always have to be number one to be profitable.

If your website is new it may take longer for search engines to notice the connection between your new webpage and the link in your anchor text. Older websites seem to get preferential treatment because they have reliability in the fact that that have been around longer and are registered and recognized by the search engines. So, if you don't see your site listed under your keyword right away, don't be discouraged. Give it some time. To track your progress there are tools online that will show you how well your webpage ranks amongst all search engines. There are also niche software tools available to take you step by step through the process of picking products, searching for niche markets, and picking the most profitable keywords.

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