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How To Fight A Speeding Ticket With Success

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

Do you want to Fight A Speeding Ticket? Presumably, you are reading this article because you have received a speeding ticket, and you want to know what you can do, if anything about it - just how do you begin to fight a speeding ticket?

The first thing to do is to collect you thoughts. Did the officer specify exactly the conditions under which you received the ticket; did he use a radar device or laser of some kind? From where did he observe you speeding?

Possible Defense Strategies

Once you have had a chance to reflect on the circumstances whereby you got the ticket, here a a few things to consider which may help you in your defense and to be able to fight a speeding ticket:

Radar or Laser device was used

- If the officer used laser or radar device, check to see if the device is registered in the city or county where you received the ticket - if it's not, then it may not be admissible in court

- Check to see that the manufacturer's calibration and maintenance specifications have been followed exactly. An incorrectly followed calibration schedule and/or procedure will be enough to render the device unreliable.

- The next thing you will want to look into is the optimal operating range for the device, according to the manufacturer's specifications, and then check to see where the officer took his reading from, and was it within these established parameters - if not then this may be challenged, in your defense.

Obstructions to Speed Limit Signs

- When you got your speeding ticket, did you recall seeing the Speed Limit sign, or was it obscured by foliage such as a hanging branch or overgrown tree at the time?

- Maybe a truck was illegally parked thus blocking the view of the Speed Limit sign

- Try to get a photograph as soon as possible

These could present a plausible reason as to why the speed limit was not observed, especially in the case where, maybe, just a mile up the road, the speed limit is higher, (but now reduced by a sign you did not see or could not see because of some issue beyond your control).

Use a Step by Step Guide That Takes You By Hand And Shows You Exactly How To Fight a Speeding Ticket

Good guides are readily available, which is well worth the investment in your defense. Not only will they show you different strategies for you to consider to see if they apply to you, but the guide will also help you systematically approach each defense step by step, showing you just where to focus your energies, and what to document, etc.

And this Fight A Speeding Ticket Guide will save you points on your license, save you increased insurance costs, and expensive legal fees.

So don't waste any more time - the sooner you start your defense the more comfortable you will feel to fight a speeding ticket.

So, do you want to know exactly how you can fight a speeding ticket with success? Today? Right now? Visit: Fight A Speeding Ticket

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