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How to Eliminate Acne in 3 Days

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 18   |   Comments: 0

Collodial silver topical acne treatments are a great way to quikly eliminate  mild to moderate acne. Silver has been used as a natural remedy for thousands of years. It has been known that the properties in silver kill bacteria ,viruses and fungus. For centuries wealthy people would put a pure silver spoon or coin in a glass of water over night and then drink the water in the morning. This was used as a  tonic to keep them healthy through the winter months and guard them from infectious disease..

Collodial silver topical acne treatments can be found over the counter at your local health food store or on line. You can buy colloidal silver sprays and topical gels at Utopia Silver.. Sprays or gels tend to work the best as a topical treatment for acne.

The reason why colloidal silver works so well at combating acne is because the silver kills the bacteria that cause acne. The silver suffocates the bacteria by destroying its ability to utilize oxygen to breed. The process happens rather quickly without causing any harm to the person or to friendly bacteria.

To use colloidal silver as an acne treatment you need to follow a few basic steps. Wash your face twice per day with a gentle perfume free soap. Neutrogena makes some wonderful brands of effective cleansers that clean your face without stripping your skin.

Be gentle on your skin. One of the most common mistakes people with acne make is by being too harsh or aggressive when washing their face. Acne can also be aggravated from irritation.

For the best results wash your face in chlorine free water. (Many people also don't realize that tap water is loaded with chlorine that can also irritate the skin and lead to other health problems.) Buy a chlorine filter or use distilled water. It's recommended by dermatologist to wash your face twice per day, morning and night. If your skin gets oily mid-day, use oil blotting cloths which can be found at your local pharmacy.

After your face is clean and dry spray colloidal silver all over your face. If you have active break outs spray extra silver directly on those areas. Avoid wearing make up at least during the summer months when oil production is highest. Don't touch your face and change your pillow case every 3 days. Let the silver perform it's magic. Most people with mild to moderate acne will find favorible resuts within 3 days. I have eliminated acne within 48 hours. To learn more about Colloidal Silver and its many benefits, visit Utopia Silver.

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