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How to Distribute Your Door Hangers

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 18   |   Comments: 0

Your door hanger's effectiveness lies on where they are situated. No door hanger would ever be effective if only a few people notice them. This article will give you tips on where to put these marketing collaterals and how you should be able to achieve this.

First, know your locality. Know the demography of your target population. Where are your target sector residing? How many are males? Females? What is the average income of the community? Surely, there are indicators to answer most of these questions. You do not have to hire a statistician to do this for you, All you need to do is to be extra vigilant. If you have a business, monitor the types of clients. Know your peak hours. By knowing all these things, you can now design your distribution strategy for your door hangers.

Distribute your print door hangers in your target areas. If you target students, distribute them in schools. If you want to increase business with office workers then penetrate those high rise buildings to target these office workers. The aim here is to saturate the target area with your marketing collaterals. You can only do this by profiling your customers.

You can also use public places for your door hangers. Even if it's called door hanger, they don't usually have to hang on doors. You can hang them in bus stations, public bulletin boards, community centers, Laundromats and even toilet doors. You have to be as creative as possible because you want your business or service to be noticed. Print door hangers are good for this kind of posting because they are different and unique marketing collaterals, and they are sure to attract curious potential clients.

You can also hand them out outside targeted schools, banks, buildings, restaurants, malls, etc. This is a bit tricky because most people would just wave their hand or dismiss your offer. If you are in a situation such as this, never push out your door hangers. If they diss your offer, just smile back. Who knows they might need your product or services next month so better not to antagonize anyone. Refrain from blocking entry paths or small sidewalks so as not to get the ire of passersby. Always remember however, to get permission before you hand out your collaterals inside an establishment.

Public events are also good opportunities to hand out those door hangers. Where there is a crowd, there is a potential market. Take advantage of these gathering but be sure to respect the event or the directives of the organizers.

Finally, you can use the direct approach by going from house to house. Go around the neighborhood yourself or get the neighborhood boys to do it for you. Leave the print door hangers on where else..the doorknobs of course.

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