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How to Dissolve Gallstones Naturally

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 23   |   Comments: 0

How to dissolve gallstones naturally.

Do you know that there is a way to dissolve gallstones naturally without surgery? If not ,read this article which deals with symptoms, causes, diagnosis, types of and diet and remedy for gallstones. Symptoms like abdominal pain and back pain for a along time and indigestion problems may indicate formation of gallstones. Even if you have these symptoms, don't worry, for there is a natural remedy which dissolves gallstones naturally. This method is safest for pregnant women.

Bile trapped in the gallbladder will form into pieces of stone-like material, called gallstones, if gallbladder is not able to contract and push bile to small intestine where it is needed for digestion of fat. Nausea and vomiting, skin color turning yellow and white of the eyes turning yellow and clay-like stools and dark colored urine are also indications of formation of gallstones.

Multiple pregnancies, obesity crisis and weight loss due to crash diet make women prone to this problem. Excess cholesterol, obesity, excess estrogen, being over 60 years and fasting can also cause gallstones. Cholesterol stones, pigment stones and mixed stones can be dissolved by using conventional and improvised home remedies.

Cut down on carbohydrates and avoid junk food. Eat nuts that contain unsaturated fat and vegetables. Drink 8-10 glasses of water and coffee. Healthy diet and regular exercises can help speedy recovery.

Absorb olive oil with a very hot cloth and dab it over upper abdomen and the stomach to dissolve gallstones naturally. Pure olive oil is very effective in dissolving gallstones.

Nature can cure Gallstones

Nature is the mother of all .Nature can cure all disease ,if we allow her to do so . If you allow nature to dissolve your gallstones,nature will dilute or dissolve gallstone & will pass through stools & your gallbladder & bile ducts will be free from gallstones.

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