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How to Clean Lungs after Smoking

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 32   |   Comments: 0

Clean Lungs after Smoking

Knowingly or unknowingly, by way of heavy smoking or smoking over a long period, you are damaging your respiratory system. As a result, now you are having smoker's cough. Early morning, are you not coughing for a long time to clear your throat? Are you finding it very miserable nowadays to get relieved from an attack of cold? Due to smoking, your respiratory system has become more vulnerable to airborne infections.

Take precautions now

You practice to clean your lungs after smoking. You can do that by way of natural methods and it will help you to get relief from the smoker's cough.

The cigarette smoke has destroyed the fibers known as cilia in your nose as well as trachea. These fibers used to push out the toxins and other irritants that might have entered your body while breathing. So, now your body is not defended against the respiratory infections and consequently you are more susceptible to bronchial diseases. Without coughing, you cannot bring the phlegm up to your throat so as to swallow it. Moreover, smoking causes accumulation of more phlegm in order to get rid of the toxins. Hence your cough gets prolonged.

It is time you must start to protect your lungs. Make it a practice to clean your lungs after smoking. Lungs can be cleaned by way of detoxification as well as other home remedies.

Detoxification is done by breathing pure and fresh air and also taking deep breaths. Practice deep breathing daily for some time sitting in an open unpolluted place.

Inhaling detoxifying herbs such as Rosemary, Chrysanthemum with honeysuckle and Black Cumin are also effective.

You may also eat foods which will detoxify and heal your lungs. Radishes, onions, olives, water chestnut, watercress, winter squash, grapes, mustard greens, almonds etc. will help to clean your lungs and protect them. Make cruciferous green vegetables such as kale, cabbage and broccoli a major part of your diet.

Home Remedies for cleaning lungs after smoking are very easy to follow but, very effective.

Since smoking cause drying out of water in your body, drink plenty of water to compensate the loss. Also while drinking water your throat will be lubricated bringing relief to you.

Boil eucalyptus and mint leaves in a vessel of water and inhale the vapor. The cough will subside.

Allow Nature to clean your lungs

Nature is capable of protecting your lungs. Hence, by way of cleaning your lungs in the natural way after smoking, you will be protecting your lungs with the help of nature.

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