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How to choose the best over counter acne medication

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

You need to decide whether you want to use a product with chemicals or something all natural.  Surprisingly, many natural products now on the market work great and be informed that even natural remedies need to be carefully researched.  After all, not all-natural products are quality so you would be doing your skin a favour.

Understand the basics of your skin and the ingredients of these products so you can make an educated decision.For natural over counter acne medications, the key ingredients include vitamin E, Aloe vera, and tea tree oil.  Unfortunately, you may have to try more than one product to find the exact remedy that works not just your skin but also the specific type of acne you have.  Once you have identified a natural product that reduces the effects of acne. You will also maintain a management program to keep the problem at bay.

You can choose a more traditional approach to fighting acne.  In many cases, these products will contain one of two ingredients, both proven to be highly, successful in the treatment of acne.  Therefore, you should look for a product over the counter that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

Whether you choose an acne treatment that is natural or traditional, expect some drying of the skin  and therefore  you will have to use a moisturizer designed to help the skin but also one that will not contribute to the acne problem.

Remember, while many of the products work great, some can actually make the problem worse so always consider the type of skin you have (oily or dry), as well as the type of acne you have.  With this information, you can pinpoint an over counter medication that will finally bring some relief.

Another great prescription medications for your acne are the retinoids. In most cases, these products are topical types (applied on the skin as a cream or gel). Like benzoyl peroxide, retinoids also have side effects in that the skin becomes highly sensitive to sunlight and therefore you will have to deal with the issue of always wearing a high SPF sun block, even on cloudy days.

Rub on the sunscreen according the manufacturer's instructions, which typically means applying the lotion 20 minutes prior to sun exposure. Enjoy the sun and watching those zits dissipate. After sunbathing, soothe your skin with an aloe vera gel.

Another option you should consider in treating your acne is the use of chemical peels. A doctor will have to prescribe it to you. And you would have to follow the directions to the letter to have significant results.  In this case, the peel will remove the top layer of your dead skin cells, which will expose new, undamaged skin underneath. The only thing you have to remember is that while the initial results are excellent, acne may come back.

If you are a teenage girl, probably the best medication prescription for your acne would be birth control pills. Birth control pills have proven to be successful. What happens is that male hormones known as androgens can cause an excessive production of oil. Birth control pills control the hormone level, which results in less oil and fewer acne breakouts.  Obviously, only women would use this. In addition to this prescription acne medication, your doctor may recommend you start some type of antibiotic and once the acne is under control, the antibiotic will keep the problem at bay. This particular option is exceptionally beneficial for severe cystic type of acne.  In most cases, you will need to take this drug for four to six weeks and then you stop.

It is important to treat your acne holistically. In many cases - especially in the case of moderate and severe acne - it's often important you attack the acne problem with both natural and conventional methods. I believe the natural way for treating acne will always be the best way, because it's fixes the root of the problem - the actual reason why you are getting the acne in the first place. Natural methods will help fix your acne causing factors like hormonal problems, stress, Candida and toxins from your lifestyle and diet. This is great because fixing the cause of your acne will fix it for good.


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