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How To Choose A Florist And Flowers For A Wedding

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Follow these florist guidelines and go over them in advance of your wedding day. But before your wedding, you are probably wondering how to choose a florist for a wedding? What is expected of the company you go with? Please read the following article for some insight into asking the right questions.

When you visit the florist of your choice, have the following information: your wedding style, your wedding gown color and style, your bridal attendants colored fabric swatches, the colors of the mothers and grandmothers dresses, and what type of corsage they prefer (pinned to the shoulder, waist, or purse, or carried or worn on the wrist), pictures or diagrams of the ceremony and reception sites and their color schemes, any restrictions concerning the floral decorations or use of candles, an approximate number and types of arrangements you will need, and the length of the aisle you will be using.

How to Choose a Florist for a Wedding

Does the florist offer a wedding package? What is included? Can you make any substitutions?

A skilled wedding florist can stay within your floral budget by selecting flowers that are in season, by controlling the sizes of bouquets and corsages, by inserting more greenery with the flowers, and by utilizing many of the flowers from the ceremony at the reception site.

You might consider renting potted plants, flowers, and trees for decorations.

The bridal bouquet may be very colorful or done entirely with white flowers and greenery using a combination of flowers in a variety of sizes. They style of the bouquet should complement the style of the gown:

- formal gowns: cascade, crescent, or over-arm bouquets
- in formal gowns: nosegay and oval-shaped bouquets or a few flowers wrapped with ribbon.

The style of the bouquet should also complement the brides height - smaller bouquets using more delicate flowers for petite brides, longer and larger bouquets for taller brides.

How to Choose Flowers for a Wedding

Do you want to know how to choose flowers for a wedding? Well first we have to know some great ones to talk about with your florist. Flowers to consider for your wedding are asters, camellias, daisies, freesia, gardenias, iries, lilies, lilies of the valley, orchids, roses, stephanotis, tulips, violets, and others.

Flower arrangements (bouquets or centerpieces) may be made with silk or dried flowers, as well as fresh. If you decide to have a going-away corsage, it can be made as part of your bridal bouquet. The florists call this a break-away bouquet. Have the florist make a small bouquet for tossing at the reception, particularly of you want to preserve your bridal bouquet.

To identify the honor attendant, her bouquet can be a different color or larger than the other attendants. The flower girl can carry petals or flowers in a basket or a miniature bouquet. The grooms boutonniere is usually taken from the flowers in the brides bouquet and is different from all the other boutonnieres.

Extra corsages and boutonnieres could be provided for the soloists, instrumentalists, officiant, if he isn't wearing a robe, guest book and gift attendants, wedding, hostess, cake server and hospitality committee, and any other special people. Flowers are not necessary for those who charge a fee.

Have the florist pin the individual names to the corsages, bouquets, and boutonnieres for easy dispersal at the ceremony site. To aid your wedding coordinator, have a family member or close friend available to identify those people other than the bridal party who are to receive flowers at your wedding.

Keep the flowers refrigerated until the last possible moment. The individual bouquets may be inserted into water-filled tubes. Remove the bouquets and pay them dry before carrying.

If you are not using spring-loaded candles, freeze the candles ahead of time to prevent or lessen their dripping. Then prelight them to ensure easy lighting during the ceremony. Do not use spring-loaded candles in the unity candelabra.

If the aisle runner is to extend up the altar steps, be certain it is firmly secured to prevent slippage.

The decorations for a military wedding may include the American flag and the colors of the brides and or grooms military unity. Consult with the ceremony site for permission to use these.

Boutonnieres are not worn with military uniforms.

It is best at large weddings to have a guest book that can have its pages easily removed. By placing the pages at opposite ends of the table, you create two areas for signing. A floral table spray placed in the middle of the table could be used for decoration.

If you are having only one place for your guests to register, then a small arrangement - perhaps two or three flowers, babys breath, greenery , and a bow - could be used for the guest book stand.

Stanchions placed outdoors and decorated with bows and greenery could be used to direct those guests unfamiliar with either the ceremony or reception sites. If your reception is a stand up affair, only a few arrangements and garlands for the serving, punch, and cake tables will be needed. If the reception is a sit-down dinner, you will need to plan centerpieces for each table in addition to any other decoration you might desire.

The bridal attendants bouquet can be used as decorations by placing them around the cake or on the brides table. To fully unitlize your flowers, designate someone to transfer them from the ceremony site to the reception. The floral baskets from your ceremony could be positioned at either end of the receiving line, beside the cake table, or behind the brides table. Any floral pew arrangements could also be used as decorations at the reception. Have the florist fix them for easy transfer.

Also as a final reminder, it is nice to order flowers to be sent to your parents homes one or two days after the wedding as a special thank-you gift.

Another nice gesture is to send flowers to your bridal shower and party hostesses. Tell the florist the kind, date, time, and place of each event.

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