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How to Be Free and Awake in a World of Sleepwalkers

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0

Is it possible to be free in this world, free from having to work a 9-to-5 job every day?  Is there a way to get out of spending most of your income on car payments, rent payments, health insurance, clothes, gas, food, the latest electronic gadget?

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The answer is yes, it is possible to be free.  But, in order to be free, you have got to realize 3 things:

1.  You have options that you are probably not aware of.
2.  You do not have to accept limiting beliefs and assumptions that restrict your freedom.
3.  If "the rules" don't work for you, then play by your own rules.

Let's go over these, one by one.

1.  You have options that you are probably not aware of.
A lot of people believe that in order to make more money, you have to go back to school to get a degree in order to get a higher paying career job.  This is only one way to earn more money.  And the potential risk in doing this is that just because you have a degree does not necessarily mean you will get the higher paying job.  Also, if you do get the higher paying job, you're likely to have student loans in the six figures, with interest, that demand payment every month.  This track, however, is only one way to, potentially, earn more money.

There are many ways to earn more money.  One is by meta modeling which, essentially, says that you model your behaviour after the behaviour of someone else.  If you figure out what the rich do to get rich and you do it, then you are likely to get rich.  If you pattern your behaviour to match there behaviour while, at the same time, finding a way to demonstrate value to a wide audience, one that combines your skills, your passions, in a market that is ready to buy, then you're very likely to get rich.

Options are available to you if you seek them out and apply them.  There are rules, patterns and footprints to freedom.  You've just got to follow the path of others who have gone on before you to find it and do what they have done.

2.  You do not have to accept limiting beliefs and assumptions that restrict your freedom.
Most people don't want to face the fact that the only person they have to blame for feeling unable to move, stuck, caged, or unfree in this world, is themselves.  It's easy to blame another person, a place, or even an entire era, for their feeling unfree, but when it comes down to it, they really only have themselves to blame.  But we're not talking about most people or them, we're talking about you.  When it comes to feeling unfree, you only have yourself to blame.

The reason you feel unfree is because you've accepted limiting beliefs and assumptions that have restricted your freedom.  Then, you've made certain choices based on this false premise and erroneous mindset that have led to you taking action that, in turn, has walled you in even further.  You've made choices to keep yourself "safe", but in doing so, you've rubber cornered the world to the point that the charm has disappeared as well.  You feel safe because everything is familiar and you know what to do next but you hate yourself because you're not challengedin any way. google_ad_channel = "7940249670, " + AB_cat_channel + AB_unit_channel; google_language = "en"; google_ad_region = 'test';

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