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How To Be Environmentally Friendly In The Office

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

It is important for us to realise that we need to be environmentally friendly not only at home and in our personal life, but also when we are at the office. In an environment where many types of resources are used in such a huge amount, we must be even more careful not to create wastes and ensure that we do not harm the environment more than absolutely necessary. The following are some simple ways that you and your co-workers can practise to be greener in the office.

Do not waste paper. We more often than not print out copies and copies of documents and what do we do? Make photocopies of more and documents. All this adds up to a huge pile of papers which sometimes nobody even reads or needs. Now isn't that a waste of resources? Think of how many trees had to be chopped down to be made into those precious pieces of paper which now sits in a pile without any purpose. So whenever possible, cut down on printing and photocopying. Use soft copy of documents in meetings. Present using other presentation tools that do not need paper. Write email instead of printing out hardcopies of memos and letters.

The papers that have been printed on now need to be placed in a recycling bin. Have a recycle bin in your office. Or better yet, have a small container where you can place your papers which have been printed on one side. These documents, provided they are not confidential material, can be re-used. You can still print on the other side. These papers can also be used a telephone message notebook. Cut them to notepad size and you can use these to jot down telephone messages. This saves you from buying more paper products.

Bring your own mug or coffee cups to the office and reduce the amount of paper pr Styrofoam cups used. These can tremendously help in reducing waste. A small action on your part can seriously help.

Use the public transportation or walk to work. If you can't then maybe you can carpool with your co-workers. This will reduce the amount of carbon emissions daily.

Watch your use of the air conditioner and the thermostat. Do not misuse these because they can use up a lot more energy than necessary. If you are lucky enough to be in an area with cool weather then maybe you do not need the air conditioner on some days. Open your windows. Or let in the sun. Whichever way, try to make use of what Mother Nature has to offer first before resorting to artificial breeze or heat.

So you see, going green in the office is not difficult. All is take is a little extra effort on your part and the impact will be great!

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