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How to Be a Good Speaker

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

Speaking is probably the major medium that we use in order to communicate and share knowledge with other people everyday. Without speaking, the world would be a mess. No one could understand one another and it would be very difficult to communicate. One of the branches of speaking is by being a public speaker.

A public speaker is the one who speaks in front of a crowd or any number of people in order to explain a certain issue or topic. However, though public speaking looks easy, you will still have to possess and practice certain abilities and traits. Speaking in front of a huge number of people may be easy for those who have extreme self confidence, but for beginners, these are some of the most useful tips that I've gathered for you.

  1. Prepare your speech - Whether your speech is scripted or impromptu, you should always prepare for it. Read more books and perform further researches about your topic so that you would be fully loaded with information by the time you stand in front and talk.
  2. Relax - Don't be too nervous. Being nervous can cause your voice and body to tremble, you do not want to happen in front, do you? Just take a deep breath, relax, and talk naturally.
  3. Learn how to persuade - The convincing power is the most important aspect of being a public speaker. You need to convince your audience to agree upon what you are saying. Examples of people with great convincing powers are insurance agents. These agents are extremely effective when it comes to talking and convincing their clients.
  4. Be confident - Don't be shy to talk in front. Learn how to boost your confidence by continuous practice. There are certain books and websites that you can consult when it comes to tips and guides on how to increase your confidence level. Just believe in your self and if anything goes wrong, don't take it too serious. Everybody makes mistakes you know.
  5. Interact - Let your audience speak. Don't do all the talking yourself because if you do, there is a great possibility for your audience to get bored. Try asking questions or ask for any reactions, opinions and advises. In those manners, you can interact with your audience and you are giving them an opportunity to share their ideas. This could be helpful to you too because you can also gather information from what they are saying.
  6. Eye-to-eye contact - Never forget to look in their eyes when you're speaking. Remember that the eyes are the window of every person's soul. By looking at them straight to the eye, they can tell that you are not making up the things you are saying.

Being an effective public speaker takes a lot of practice. However, don't lose hope. Just keep on practicing until you get the hold of it.

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