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How To Avoid Outdoor Wedding Reception Mistake

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

An outdoor wedding reception can be a memorable event that provides family members and friends a time to celebrate.  However, not all memories are good memories, and to make sure you don't end up regretting the way you chose to celebrate your special day, here's some things to avoid.

What time is your wedding reception?
Finally, the day is here and everyone you've invited is more than excited to attend.  For weeks, they've cleared their schedule, dug through their closet for that perfect wedding attendance outfit, and bought a new memory card for their camera.

It's great to see so many people genuinely enjoying your special day with you.  Every part of the ceremony is flawless and there's not one dry eye in the building.

Now it's time for the fun to begin, and you and your groom only have 45 minutes to spare!

While almost every bride envisions the rice or bubbles floating in the air as she rides off into the horizon, there's no need to rush the moment.  In essence, those attending the wedding ceremony are offering you their gift of love and support.  The reception then becomes your gift of appreciation for their time, and encouragement.

Avoid the rush to leave your guests alone, remember this is a party celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs. without whom there's no reason to celebrate.

What does buffet style say about your outdoor wedding reception?
Many newlyweds are enjoying the comfort of family members and friends pitching together to make the wedding reception menu a tasty delight.  When this route is chosen more than likely it will be a buffet style dining.

Where most brides go wrong in this step is by offering a buffet style spread with the aid of €œservers.  Unless a specific serving staff is hired, requesting family and friends to further extend themselves into serving those who wait in line is a major €œno-no.

Buffet style dining means just that, people serving themselves from a variety of food selections.  Most guests are considerable of others, and will politely move along after a reasonable amount is on their plate.

Buffet style sets a relaxing tone, allowing people to socialize and partake in what tickles their taste bud fancy.

Wedding receptions have a €œwhat if clause
Remember, the weather can be tricky sometimes.  A day that starts off cloudy can end up sunny and vice versa.  Always have a backup plan for the unexpected.  There's nothing worse for a bride and groom then seeing all of their well-spent money washed away in rain, or blown away by wind.

Having a plan ready and in place for keeping the party going despite the weather, is a common mistake that many brides end up regretting.

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