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How Technology Changed Online Dating

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 101   |   Comments: 0

Technology changes and sometimes it is not just a specialized group that benefits from it. Some technologies literally change the society, which develops them. The internet is one such technology. While more of a platform rather than a technology, nevertheless, the Internet today has become the carrier for various social customs including dating.

There are millions of individuals in America alone that are resorting to online dating services to find their ideal match. Online dating is ideal for the bold and the timid alike because all it involves in creating a profile online that can be viewed by anyone of the opposite sex while at the same time being able to search for profiles based on very specific criteria, permitting a kind of narrowing down of choices that is impossible in real life.

The beauty of online dating is that it does not matter what you are looking for in particular. It could be just someone you want to be friends with, or maybe you are looking for a long term (life long in fact) relationship with someone, whatever you requirement, online dating has become the popular way for people who prefer to solve their real life problems through virtual solutions. There are obvious benefits to online dating that have made it so popular today. For starters, it is completely free and you do not have to pay a dime to meet new people.

If you are into Internet dating then you should definitely sign up with an online dating service because this is the cheapest way to explore your chances of meeting someone who has the highest compatibility with you. Some online dating services make it their mission to help people meet no one else but women from all walks of life. The good part is that their online profile creation system works through matching your profile with other female members and profile matches are already made to work in a way that focus on greater compatibility than anything else.

Online dating is different in that in real life dates the first thing that impresses people are looks but in online dating it is more about thoughts, ideas, and concepts on which people run their lives. This permits couples to evaluate each other on more than mere physical characteristics that may or may not change over time, but rather by focusing more on the other person's outlook and attitude. In short, the things that really matter in the long run are forced into perspective at the very beginning. For this reason, online dating is a much better option and, at the same time, a very frustrating one because there are very few assumptions on which a relationship can be taken forward. It has become almost customary for people to evaluate each other before meeting rather than meeting and then trying to figure out their compatibility.

One of the biggest disadvantages of online dating is the inability to convey emotions properly and adequately. Since most communication takes place through the keyboard with very little vocal intonation and almost no facial expression it can lead to misunderstandings. While there have been some carry-ons from the early days of the Internet in the shape of emoticons (those faces that you see in instant messaging software like MSN Messenger, Yahoo, ICQ etc.), even they are limited in their scope. To counter this problem, some online dating services are including voice chat instead of text chat, so that Internet chatting can be as familiar as chatting over the telephone. Some premium online dating services even offer video chatting so that you can finally see the other person during live chat. A webcam is required in order to avail this facility. It is only fair that you let yourself be seen on video if you wish to see others.

However, despite some obvious disadvantages, the fact remains that online dating has made it possible for millions of people to get in touch with an even number of the opposite sex in order to find out their version of the ideal partner and minor quibbles should be used to negate the benefits.

Online dating can be a very fun experience full of adventure and high spirits when it is done right. The important thing is to keep in mind that even if you do not find your ideal mate, you can still make a lot of good friends through online dating.

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