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How Recovery is Found at a Christian Treatment Centers

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

Drugs and alcohol have now taken the power over so many individuals who are not necessarily bad people. It has proven to be at a high cost to the communities across the United States. Christian treatment centers have forced their way into the communities so that they can provide the help that the addicts need to transform and improve their lives.

On the streets of America, so many drug addicts exist and they do so quite willingly even though the law states that drugs are illegal. Prostitution and drugs go hand in hand. Both also populate the streets of America and it makes it difficult for law enforcement to do their jobs efficiently, progressively and effectively. Drugs will always be part of the streets as long as the borders of America are not protected from international drug dealers. The fight will continue to get these drug dealers to stay away from our borders. The drug dealers do have political connections that give them more power to distribute these drugs and until these things are addressed, our communities will be at the mercy of drug addiction.

Conrad witnessed his parents abusing drugs all of his life. It started with marijuana and then went to much hardcore drugs such as cocaine and heroin. His mother resorted to prescription pills when she was unable to get other drugs. She had been in a car accident years before and it had cause her to have spinal pain, so much so that she was unable to work. Drugs became their daily ritual. His father seemed to know how to hide it well. Therefore, his father did go to work every day under heavy sedation of drugs. His mother, unable to work due to being disabled physically, collected worker's compensation each month. She used that money to replenish her stash of cocaine and prescription drugs.

The Christian rehab facilities know how to handle someone like Conrad's mother, if only the person were to admit that they have a problem and seek help for it. Conrad prayed to God every day for the strength to get through each day without becoming depressed over his parent's demise. He asked God to send help for his parents because they were past talking to. They were stubborn and wanted to have their own way. He did not know what to do.

One day, Conrad decided to search the Internet for Christian treatment centers that could help his parents. He found one about two hours drive away from where his parents lived. He knew that there was no use in talking to them, so he planned an intervention. He met with the interventionist, who prepped him on what would take place and who wanted insight on his parents. Conrad gladly provided the information.

The intervention was staged for the next day - within 24 hours of meeting with the interventionist. His parents were surprised. They did not know that their son felt this way about their bad drug habit. They were ashamed and of course, accepted treatment and were whisked off to the faith based treatment program.

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