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How Procrastination Develops and Become Part of You?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

The hardest part about kicking an age old habit like procrastination is developing the purposefulness and motivation to do the tasks at hand. The key component to end that procrastinating habit is to first understand your habitual thought pattern and change it to a pattern that is highly charged with motivation and drive. Easier said than done, it may looks like a daunting mission for most professional procrastinators.

In the mind of most procrastinators, their thoughts know exactly what needs to be done, but never really take action afterward. Why? The main reason is that these procrastinators always fall into the mindset of subconsciously allowing obstacles to get in the way. At this state of subconscious procrastination, reflects the procrastinators' highest attainment in their journey to mastery of procrastination.

Let me explain how all this works. When all habit first develops in the mind, it requires a tremendous effort to work it effect on the conscious mind. E.g. brushing your teeth in the morning. Probably most of you could not remember how long you take to develop the habit of brushing your teeth in the morning or once you wake up. It took a continuous effort of at least 3 months with persistent motivation from your caregivers to drill you. The coach (in this situation - caregivers) used all kinds of method e.g. rewards and threats to motivate you to develop the habit. By the end of the 3 months, you finally remember when you need to brush teeth but still need lots more time to develop the proper brushing technique and even more time to make it a habit that appear invisible to the conscious mind. Most people before the time they reach the age of 18, they had fully developed the good habit of brushing their teeth at least a day. When a habit is fully formed, the subconscious mind took over as the conscious mind will tend to other more immediate and non habitual tasks.

Similarly to procrastination, it's all started with a forming period and for most professional procrastinators, a fully developed subconscious procrastination. In simple words, the person will shrink away from responsibilities without them realizing it. In real live situation, probably you have seen people that can be very quick and clever to find excuses to get them exempted from all duties that may appear difficult or may involve much work or risk. However, it is usually these tasks that will get you the break from the rest of the chasing packs.

What shall I do to break such strong habit?

However, it is an unfortunate fact is that there is no way you can erase a habit just like rubbing off a pencil mark using an eraser. Luckily there is such thing as desensitizing yourself by not using the habit or countering a habit with another habit whenever the subconscious mind calls for it. Both methods are pretty much the same, it requires you to maintain vigilant at all situations that needs you to make decision or to act on it. Being vigilant is half the work done as it requires strong conscious effort to recognize the procrastinating habit of the subconscious mind. The rest of it will be to keep this conscious effort ongoing to guard against the onset of procrastination until a new habit develops and subsequently subconscious mind take over any future possible appearance of the habitual procrastinating mind.

For the start you need to get yourself educated, someone (coach) to kick your butt and most important of all is lots of action from you. Why not start off with taking up the 6 days course challenge in curing procrastination and put forward your first and best step toward success in life.

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