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How Private Drug Treatment Center Programs Differ

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

Private drug treatment centers are suited for teenagers, senior citizens, young adults etc; basically people from all ages that can now avail of an opportunity to change their lives for the better and get rid of their drug addiction forever. One of the biggest decisions to join a private drug rehab is the fact that it has some of the best quality treatment facilities and world-class amenities.  The detoxifying process is easily one of the best processes that are carried in this kind of a rehab, the kind of facilities and medical detailing that is used can make many people opt for this type of program only, but since the cost is also high, people do have second thoughts. Having said that, now there are many private rehabs that offer better financing which make it easy for people on an installment basis over a stretch of time, rather than all at once.

Here are some of the important programs that are found in a private drug treatment center:

  • Detox.  As mentioned before, this is the base of any drug treatment center because this is the process that gets rid of the toxins in the body that has perpetrated the organs since one has taken drugs. Now with drug detox, these toxins are flushed out from the system. Btu this is not just a one day thing, but a process that goes for several days depending on the intensity of the addiction.  Detox is a painful, uncomfortable process in which a person feels pain, irritability, tiredness and even gets craving for more drugs. Nevertheless, private drug rehab centers have the right medication and drug detox professionals who see to it that the procedure goes well and the person is able to focus clearly at detoxifying himself or herself.
  • Individual counseling.   Private therapy can include individual counseling as an integral part of the therapy.  This is where the individual's personal history is assessed and the person gets to interact with doctors and professionals who are there to help him out with whatever personal problems he is facing.  The patient begins to give the doctor information about what actually led her or him into addiction. The counselor will be able to guide the person about lifestyle choices, food choices, the choices about the friends he should keep; etc. Of course, every bit of information is kept strictly confidential.
  • Group counseling.  In group counseling, the individual gets to express his views to a group of people and also learn from their experiences and perspectives on life. Group counseling can actually bring about behavioral changes in the person and breaks the barriers of isolation and loneliness which may happen if the person is not used to talking in front of a group or an audience. The other good thing is he can learn a lot from recovering addicts about how they tackled the drug abuse and emerged strong. Talk about benefitting from inspiration that is practiced and not just preachy.
  • Nutrition: In private drug addiction rehabs, there is emphasis on food that is rich in nutrients. The treatment facilities have the best of diet and nutrition that can do wonders to a personal health. There is also nutritional counseling which can make a person more independent by showing a person how he or she can cook better food on their own, while teaching about healthy and balanced eating habits.
  •  Exercise:  The right kind of exercises is taught which makes the bodies of people fit and flexible. Drug treatment programs have trainers and physiotherapists who customize fitness and exercise programs for you  so that you get high on building a good body and mind rather than blowing it away in drugs.
  • Aftercare:  There are 12 steps programs and after care programs that are used for continued support and assistance to make sure that the good thing that a person learnt in the drug treatment center is adhered to.  These programs ensure that the person is on the right track and there is no question of their being waylaid in future. 
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