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How Parents are Responsible for Teenage Steroid Abuse

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0

In an age when anabolic steroids have become the shortest route to achieving a dream performance for many college youngsters, parents harbor insurmountable fears that the substances will eventually eat into the health of their sons and daughters. Young men today are more disciplined in taking their steroid pills and injections than in attending bodybuildingsessions. Yet these youths will give anything to build prize winning muscles.

Contemporary young athletes are faced by a lot of pressure to perform above the average. It would not only win star earnings but also earn world acclaim and fame. It is therefore understandable when these youths are today experimenting with performance boosting anabolic steroids. The pity for these youngsters is that steroids are addictive and develop a dependence on the user that is almost impossible to break. For those who finally get over addiction to the substances, their body health can no longer hold competitive challenges.

A distant look at this scenario might suggest that these youths are plain lazy day dreamers. However, recent research into steroid use has revealed that most athletes exercise very hard with persistence and determination, eat proper diets and take due care of their bodies all in a bid to maintain optimal physical fitness and performance. The young men and women presently surviving on the drive of steroid dream of and pursue the glory of athletic competitions and the pride of possessing physically fine toned bodies.

This is the approach that each parent should adopt when advising them about the use of steroids. Parents must appreciate that their children of today are facing fierce pressures to use steroids than in any other time in history. Parental guidance should aim in handling these pressures.

In essence they should attempt to discuss how to achieve healthy competition pursuits. Most frequently it is a problem with attitude and therefore a parent should talk with their children about the coaches' and team members' attitudes toward the use of steroids. A nonbiased analysis of the short term benefits of steroids should be evaluated against the long-term health problems consequent of their use until both the parent and the child arrives at a compromise understanding. Kinds and environments of sporting activities engaged in should therefore be made based on prudent awareness not ignorant youthful desires.

When a parent suspects that his child is using steroids, several indicative warning can act signs posts. Such signs include exaggerated and variant mood swings, perpetually worsening acne, extremely greasy or oily skin with evident stretch marks especially on the hands and neck region and a sudden voluminous increase of muscle size.

Any indication that a child is abusing steroids should prompt a visit to the doctor. Anabolic steroids give youths a dreamy sense of strength and vitality especially in athletics. The reality is however very distant in that, the consequences are always too expensive to reverse. At all times, children should be made to understand that steroids can be kept unnecessary by healthy eating and regular fitness habits and adequate preparation before major competitions.

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