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How Memory Foam Mattresses Scores Above Coil Spring Mattresses

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 103   |   Comments: 0

Memory foam mattress and coil spring mattresses are two major forms of mattresses that are extensively being used to sleep on. However, when the question arises which one is more superior then commonly answer that comes is memory foam mattress. Actually, a memory foam mattress possesses many features, which are not to be found in a coil spring mattress. When we talk about the difference between the two, the first difference that comes out is regarding their durability. A normal coil spring mattress can suffice your purpose for about five years or little more. However, a memory foam mattress can last ten years easily without any compromise and there are some memory foam mattress producers which offer guarantee even up to twenty years.

In addition, promise you comfortable and restful sleep without any compromise. Other property of memory foam mattress that excels it to coil spring mattress is its capability to adjust to the different temperatures. Memory foam mattress can respond to different temperatures of your body and provides you complete sense of coziness. Your body weighs the most and is the warmest part of you and the mattress makes itself softest for your body, whereas your arms and legs are lighter and cooler, so the foam is a little more firm- this is very comfortable, not so much lying on the bed as floating on it! Coil spring mattresses do not have any such feature. They are neither temperature sensitive nor they conform to your body weight. Due to temperature sensitivity of memory foam mattresses, they can no doubt help a person who is confined to bed due to fever and is having high body temperature, while coil spring mattresses do not possess such feature. I think it would not be wrong to say that sleeping on coil spring mattress is like sleeping on rusty nails. Earlier, it was OK as we did not have enough options. However, now this is not the case and mattress market provides you various options.

Another feature of memory foam mattress that coil spring mattress does not have is that it provides gentle total body support. A coil spring mattress forces your body to adjust to the springs. It is like pushing your body. You are pushing the springs down to get comfortable and they push just as hard back no wonder many people wake up with aching muscles and stiffness. Memory foam mattress moulds itself to your body, because your body exerts its force into it yet your mattress does not push back, it gently accommodates you and your weight. As a result, when you lie on the mattress you feel very relaxed. If you find an opportunity to try these both kinds of mattresses, I am sure you will favor memory foam mattress.

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