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How Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery Can Help People With A Weight Problem

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

Laparoscopic weight loss surgery is just one application of a technology which can have very far reaching consequences in our world. The technology of keyhole surgery, which came from humble beginnings at the beginning of the last century to the point where it is successfully treating illnesses which were previously uncurable, can play a still bigger part in our quest to fight disease in as painless a way as we can. The technique can also be used in veterinary surgery, in addition to cosmetic reasons such as weight loss.

It would be wrong, however, to not even consider the use of surgery for weight loss as being only cosmetic. Carrying excess weight can put an enormous strain on parts of the body which are ill equipped to deal with it, leading to a great deal of pain and the likelihood of serious illness. Even though a change of diet and exercise habits is the recommended solution for the majority of overweight people, it is not necessarily the right choice for all. Some people have an inbuilt metabolism disorder which stops them from being able to lose weight. Others have disabilities which make exercising difficult.

In these extreme cases, the methods of laparoscopic weight loss surgery, or bariatric surgery as is the real name, can be used to ensure that the patient loses weight. Even though this procedure is only implemented in the most advanced cases where there is a considerable risk of death or serious illness, it has a remarkable success rate. The medical device which is implanted in the stomach works very well in reducing weight loss, and further benefits usually result. The procedure has also been shown to cure diabetes, and greatly reduces mortality rates.

The need for this kind of surgery is enticing medical development businesses to continually evolve the technology which is being used, and further developments are happening all the time. One of the most significant advances lately has been the gastric bypass. This achieves a very similar result to the normal laparoscopic band surgery, but the operation is less difficult to carry out and the adjustment required by the patient is less. There is a need for a healthier diet to be followed, though, otherwise the problems can still come back.

The traditional laparoscopic band surgery is still carried out, however, and the technology is being improved upon constantly. The main difficulty being faced is to lessen the effect on the patient after surgery has been performed. Immediately following the operation, the diet is incredibly restricted, and is primarily in liquid form. When solids are introduced, they are soft and very simple to digest. Mashed potatoes is a common staple of this diet, and even that is frequently softened further with gravy. It is a long time before a regular diet can be resumed with laparoscopic weight loss surgery.

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