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How Industrial Cleaning Supplies Became Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 66   |   Comments: 0

There was a time, and a time not too long ago at that, when the idea of industrial cleaning supplies carried a connotation of things that were bad for the environment. The whole word, "industrial", has always suggested something that pollutes, that rides rough shod over the environment in the cause of progress. Industrial cleaning products, then, have always sounded a bit like the worst of the worst - how caustic must something be, to clean the places that cause all the pollution in the first place?

This, of course, is not only a massive over simplification of things, but today is considered to be completely wrong. Industrial cleaning supplies these days have become extremely environmentally friendly cleaning products - thanks, in no small part, to the astonishing efforts of the British company RJN Chemicals Limited for introducing Freshclean, an industrial cleaning product that cleans without affecting the environment.

Modern industrial cleaning products are starting to follow the model of this little British company's effort. The effort has had such a huge impact on local businesses and their cleaning (not to mention nationwide super market chains and governmental organisations) because the whole operation has been kept small and localised. The environmentally friendly cleaning products this company is putting out as industrial cleaning supplies are made a mere two miles from their distribution centre (so there is virtually no unnecessary carbon use in transporting the stuff) and use such a tiny amount of packaging that months' worth of cleaning can be stored in a single 15 litre box.

The idea is so simple it really does deserve the epithet "revolutionary". This new product comes in dried crystal form, and is diluted by the end user to produce the necessary cleaning fluid. Freshclean is usable in any industrial application and is so waste free that a single five litre tub of it can refill 2,500 trigger sprays. These are environmentally friendly cleaning products with a real chance of making a difference.

Just how much of a difference these industrial cleaning supplies are making is slowly becoming apparent across the United Kingdom. Whole transport infrastructures are trialling the stuff and reporting back favourably; while many Housing Associations and at least one nationwide and extremely famous super market have switched to the brand already. That is because environmental health also translates as less money that you need to spend on keeping your premises clean. Why pay more for industrial cleaning supplies that have been flown in from somewhere else, when you can pay less for local stuff that lasts a lot longer?

Environmentally friendly cleaning products also make your customers more loyal to you. Everyone is supposed to be doing their bit for the planet these days. If you as a company can prove that you are, then your own customers will be much more likely to keep using you.

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