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How Free Advertising Help Startup Companies

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

Advertising is very costly for businesses. Large companies spend millions of dollars in advertising to ensure that the public will patronize and use their products. However, for small and start up businesses, advertising may not apply to them because surely, they do not have millions of dollars to spend like large companies do.

This notion is incorrect. Small business, even established business take advantage of free advertising. Now, what is free advertising and how can a product or service take advantage of free advertising?

Before we move on, let us define what advertising is.

Advertising is a form of announcement that excites the public towards a certain product or service. It is a continuous process of calling the attention of the public about the features and benefits of a product or service. Large companies endeavor to pay television airtime, pages of a broadsheet or install billboards in buildings.

By advertising their products, they are sure that the public knows about their products and what the products can do for the public. This translates to more sales for them.

Now, let us move on to free advertising, what is this and how can free advertising help startup companies?

Free advertising works the same way, it will need to induce the public to patronize and use the product they are advertising. However it does not need to cost you money. You will need to spend time in creating your sales letter and incorporate a visual in it but you will surely getaway with spending many dollars.

What are the different forms of free advertising?

Word of mouth advertising. If you have a friend who use your product, and he is happy with it. You can ask him to tell his friends about the product and his experience with the products.

Email advertising. This is about sending emails to potential clients telling them about the existence of your product. However, because of the fear for spam, you should avoid sending unsolicited emails. You will therefore need to build your own list; you can do this by offering freebies or free trial and asking them if they would want to receive further information about the product you are advertising.

Create a website. Your website is your online store and your online advertisement as well. Ensure that you will be able to lead customers into your website and tell them about your products. You may likewise offer free trial of the products as a form of promotion.

Blog advertising. Blogs work like your website; you do not need to pay anyone to update your blog. If you know your product by heart, you may post continuous articles in your blog and invite them to use and try your product.

There are many other forms of internet advertising and most of them come free. The only cost is your time.

The internet is a huge marketplace; ensure that you can get a piece of this profitable way of marketing your products and take advantage of free advertisement that goes with continuous presence in the World Wide Web.

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