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How Does Water Affect Our Skin?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 64   |   Comments: 0

             Water is the key to life for every living thing on this planet. From plants and wild animals to humans and micro bacteria, water controls many of the body's functions, as well as aiding overall health. Water is one of our few basic necessities along with food and shelter. Many of us don't drink nearly the amount of water that we should on a daily basis, meaning that many of us walk around in a dehydrated state most of the time and don't know it. Proper water intake keeps our fluids balanced, maintains our energy level, as well as moisturizing the skin and keeping it clean and clear.

            Seeing as how our bodies are about 65% water, it's not a surprise that we need water constantly. Drinking the recommended amounts of water every day will keep body fluids that regulate digestion, saliva creation and body temperature too name a few. When you are dehydrated your brain sends signals to the rest of your body urging you to get some sort of fluids. The only thing you don't want to drink when you're thirsty or already dehydrated is alcohol. Alcohol interferes with the messages sent from the brain to the body, causing an over excretion of fluids leading to further dehydration and improper fluid levels.

            Have you ever just been sitting around the house, or been at work and out of nowhere, you've become extremely tired? That is usually a sign that you're dehydrated and that you should get some fluids in you. Not drinking enough water can make you tired as well as causing muscle fatigue. Obviously regular exercise is also a part to good health, but making sure to drink water at regular intervals when exercising or when engaged in any other vigorous activity, so to replace any fluids lost due to sweating.

            A life time of improper water intake, unprotected sun exposure, smoking, lack of a moisturizer, and other factors all contribute to negative changes in the skin. Making sure to take care of your skin while you're young is one of the best preparations you can make for your future. Drinking the right amount of water every day helps keep your skin looking lustrous and clear. Water flushes out all of the unwanted and excess toxins, dead skin cells, and dirt they may otherwise aid in the development of acne, wrinkles, or other skin issues. If water alone doesn't keep your skin hydrates and lush, than consider using a moisturizer or wrinkle cream to fight off the signs of aging and lock in moisture.

            These are just some of the ways that water benefits our overall health.  Without drinking water on a regular basis our bodies would be all sorts of messed up. Our energy level would plummet, our digestive system would drastically slow down and our skin would shrivel. Be sure to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water  a day to ensure that you are hydrated and healthy.

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