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How Do You Buy Great Bedding?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 48   |   Comments: 0

It's confusing buying bedding. There are so many choices, so many things to think about, and there seems to be bedding available in so many places, including online. With so many choices and so many bedding stores around how do you go about buying the bedding that you need for your family?

The first thing you need is to do some homework. Work out a few basic bedding parameters.

One of the first choices you need to make is what type of material will you buy? There are choices here and if you head on into a store and are suddenly confronted with a range of materials to choose from then it may become confusing.

Cotton bedding is my choice. Cotton sheets or covers are made from a totally natural fabric that feels good on the skin. Cotton is long lasting and shouldn't create problems for the occupant of the bed, such as bunching or sliding. Cotton is functional, warm and snuggly.

Equally snuggly is flannel. Flannel is a wool based fabric, but which is warmer than cotton. Flannel is warm and snuggly on that super cold winters night, and you can slide down under the sheets and feel great, but flannel can be too warm, especially in summer. Cotton is a better choice.

Then there is the more exotic fabrics like silk and satin or polyester satin. Personally I'd stay away from these. They may sound exotic and sexy but you have to sleep in your silk or satin sheets or cover every night and these fabrics can be difficult. They tend to slide easily to are hard to keep in place and can feel a little strange unless you really do love them.

Cotton for me. But of course it's not quite as easy as just deciding on cotton sheets or a cotton bed cover. There are different weaves of cotton available. There is standard cotton weave, pinpoint, sateen and satin weaves. Personally standard or pinpoint weaves are my choice. And when you look on the label you will also see a "thread count". This is the number of threads per square inch in the fabric, or the density of the fabric. Higher thread count equals higher quality, but more expensive bedding, as higher quality usually is.

Choose a thread count of at least 250 for sufficient quality without paying a bomb for your bedding.

Next what size do you need and what type of bedding? There are of course "Queen Size" and "King Size" beds but many people are not aware that there is no formal or standard bed size that equates to either Queen Size or King Size. So measure your bed first, including the depth, so you know what size sheets you will need or you may be disappointed. If you buy a fitted sheet that isn't deep enough for the depth of the mattress then you'll find that the fitted sheet is likely to slide off the mattress during the night and you'll find yourself tangled in sheets during the night and sleeping on the mattress.

Decide whether you want to buy your bedding individually or as a set. Sheet sets include a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two standard or king sized pillow case. And as well you can buy complete bed in a bag sets which include the sheet set and a bed skirt, pillow shams and a matching comforter or duvet cover. You get everything you need in one purchase.

If you're using a comforter or duvet you also need a good cover, it is more hygeinic to use a cover than not. A bed in a bag set will include this but you need to make sure it will work with your comforter.

Again cotton is my preferred choice of fabric.

And of course there's all sorts of considerations about washing and caring for your bedding. You can't necesarily just throw your sheets and pillow cases straight into the machine to wash them.

That's the basics of choosing good bedding. It can get far more complicated of course, and if you feel like it do some research into all the specific types of fabrics available, but for me it's cotton, or at least a cotton blend every time for my bedding.

And of course bedding isn't cheap normally, although there are places that do give you options for buying cheap bedding online, but that's a subject for another article.

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