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How Diet Can Reduce Uric Acid

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

Have you ever considered the pH value of the food you consume? It wasn't something that ever thought about until very recently. Once I did, I realized just how acidic my diet really was and so I started a journey towards pH balance in my body promoting, energy, vitality and well being.

Low acid diet is being considered to be the solution and the appropriate diet program for those looking for a healthy way of living, as this diet program helps maintain the right kind of proper levels of pH in our own body. The alkaline diet is on its way of replacing the past popular diet programs like the South Beach diet and the Atkins diet.

Anchovies, bouillon, brains, broth, consomme, dried legumes, fish, goose, gravy, heart, herring, kidneys, liver, mackerel, red meat, meat extracts, mincemeat, mussels, partridge, poultry (especially turkey), roe, sardines, scallops, shellfish, shrimps, sweetbreads, baker's yeast, brewer's yeast, yeast extracts. And you must avoid all alcohol, especially beer!

Above, I stated that purines also appear in our food and some drinks. Surely then, it makes absolute sense not to keep consuming even more purine-rich food and producing even more uric acid for already overworked kidneys to process. All that happens is that even more acid is retained in the bloodstream leading to more gout attacks!

Such a low uric acid diet will certainly go a long way to help relieve your gout. But, there are so may other factors that influence a good outcome. For example, although diet is very important; your weight, general health, body pH, family history, medications, etc., all contribute to your gout.

Typical foods to avoid completely in a gout uric acid diet are; fish such as anchovies, herring, mackerel, and sardines; all shellfish; broths and gravies; mincemeat and yeast / yeast extracts; poultry (especially turkey); red meat; and dried legumes. And in terms of drink, avoid alcohol, especially beer.

Now I know that this dietary change can look quite daunting because many of our favorite foods are off the menu. But, by following this strict diet for gout, you'll be better placed to help prevent further gout attacks.

The ultimate solution

If you really need know about alkaline vs acidic diet, the only real way is to find an honest expert with lots of credibility. Credibility means a lot if you are an expert and the only way to really know is if their system are safe and effective for most of their customers.

The only way you can eliminate excessive acid in your system is to stop eating highly-acidic foods. To bring back the balance, you'll need to eat more foods that are high in alkaline content. Therefore, knowing the right alkaline food sources is the key to achieving good health.

It is important that we observe our eating habit and follow the right amounts of alkaline and acid foods that we should take in. In doing so, our body will have a maintained pH balance which will help our body cells to function well and will free us from unwanted diseases which lead us to living a sedentary life.

You can find out exactly how to do this with an easy, step-by-step natural gout remedy report that thousands of ex-gout victims around the world have successfully used. And it doesn't matter if you have gout toe, ankle or knee etc., this report has everything covered.

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