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How Can I Plant "Positive Attitude Seeds" In The Lives Of Those Around Me?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Look in the mirror and start there! Yes, it can start with you, today, and the attitude by which you choose to live your life. Your attitude is the one thing you have complete control over and choose every minute of every day. Attitude can make or break a home, a church, a career or a company. Attitude is extremely contagious (good or bad) so therefore should be chosen very wisely. Choose to pull those €˜attitude weeds' of self-defeat, anger, resentment and negativity and plant €˜attitude seeds' daily in your life and the lives of all those you touch with hope, faith, love and encouragement.

Don't wait for tragedy or loss to strike your home or the homes of those you love, to sprint you into action of sudden appreciation and saying those unspoken words. Last week this very tragic scenario unfolded for a very dear friend of mine who received that spine-chilling phone call. Her 22-year-old son had been in a very serious car accident, in which the car rolled over and her son was ejected. Only by the grace of God, he remains alive in the ICU as his broken body continues to heal from brain injuries, broken bones and internal bleeding he sustained. This young man's accident has hit home for several hundred people who know him and love him, and is now re-shaping their attitudes about life and how fragile and precious it is.

Speak those words of love, praise and forgiveness today, as today is all any of us have for our tomorrows are uncertain. Share your authentic self, your time, your smile. Pay genuine compliments. Lend a helping, loving hand. Listen more and talk less. Choose your battles wisely and let go of those not worthy of your time. Turn those "some days" into "today". Trust more and worry less. Let your life be an example of living what you believe in and stand for, as you never know who is watching, especially our precious children.

I once heard a saying, "Everyone will die, but very few know how to live". Unfortunately, there is much truth to that saying. If we would all take a good hard look in the mirror, do some internal house cleaning and adjust our attitude to that of appreciation and gratitude, just imagine what a better place our world would be!

Dedicated to our beloved, Keith. Are prayers are with you as your body, mind and spirit heals. We love you Keith.

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