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How Blogging Works and How to Setup a Blog

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0
Just log on to the Internet and make a search for any keyword phrase. Chances are, you will see a few results in the search engines that are coming from blogs. So what are blogs? And why are they all over the Internet? How does blogging works?

How Blogging Works.

A blog is an online personal diary. Traditional diaries are meant to be personal items and kept secret. However, there appears to be a need for the individual to express their thoughts, feelings and opinions. They do this on the Internet by posting what they think on to their blogs. But the difference here is that everything that is posted on the blog is shared with the entire world. Anyone with access to the Internet can view your blog post.

Sometimes, if your content is really good, readers may bookmark or subscribe to your blog so that they can return to your blog at a later date. They do so because they anticipate receiving great content from you. Your blog will have an RSS (really simple syndication) feed that others can use to pull content from your blog. They do this by using an RSS reader. The minute you update your blog, your post title will immediately appear in your subscribers' RSS readers. They will then decided whether to click through and read the rest of the post.

Don't worry too much about RSS and the technology that runs behind a blog. The features are included in the blogging software that you use.

How to setup a blog.

Setting up a blog is a breeze. Today, you don't even need to download anything. You can have a blog installed and setup in a matter of minutes. You can setup a free blog, or you can register a domain name and setup your own privately branded blog.

Setting up a free blog is easy. There are a few reputable websites out there that offers free blog hosting. One is Wordpress, and the other is Blogspot. Both allows you to create an account, and start blogging immediately. However, your domain name will appear as a subdomain. If you want your own domain name, then you need to buy some hosting and host your own blog.

In that case, you will need some Linux hosting with Cpanel control panel. Cpanel is one of the most popular control panel in the hosting industry. It allows you to install all kinds of scripts (including blogging software) without having to download anything.

Once you have signed up for a Cpanel hosting account, login to your account and look for the Fantastico icon. Click on this icon and you will various types of scripts that you can install in your account. These are all open source software that you can get for free. If you are installing using Fantastico, there is no need to mess with databases or download/upload anything. Just follow the simple instructions offered by the Wizard and your blog will be installed in a few minutes. Choose Wordpress as your blogging platform.

Once Wordpress has been successfully installed, you may then login to your blogging admin area and configure your blog.

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